Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Land of the Lost Story (1999)

Interesting home-made vid from  1999 that gives a retro-view into the conspiracy scene from that era. Post-Kennedy and pre-WTC2001, this documentary has insight into how much America has changed in the last 15+ years. Rare interviews from William Cooper, Texe Marrs and Chris Hitchens are included.

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Alexandros HoMegas said...

I didn't gave too much attention to conspiracies in the 90's, I avoided conspiracies years after 9/11, I knew something was wrong but it wouldn't be Michael Moore that would ser things straight.

The first book that opened my eyes was The Jewish Strategy by Prof. Revilo P. Oliver, he died in 1994 but he was way ahead of the curve in seeing the current situation.