Monday, January 18, 2016

George Soros-funded books burned in Russia

Moscow: Russian authorities have burned more than 50 books and removed more than 500 other volumes from university libraries on the grounds they contain sentiments "alien to Russian ideology". The books, most of them textbooks, were published with money from the Soros Fund, which in November was declared an "undesirable agent" and forced to stop its work in Russia. The books were removed from libraries in two universities in the north-western Komi region and some were later burned.

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Allat Goddess said...

Agreed! Burn 'em all! Soros - one of the scum of the Earth.
Back in the day, all text books were published lies by Louis Untermeyer Co. Even as a kid I could decipher the lies, and I looked at the publisher.Anyone remember the name? But, of it was one of the tribe, making big money.

Amerikaner said...

Good. No 'freedom of speech' for jewish globalist poison. Russia must live afterall.

t brad said...

might as well burn soros too.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain what the heck is going on now with this website? I used to come here primarily for all my shows from David Dukes edited version without commercial to Kevins shows,dennis fetcho,renegade broadcast.This was a really good aggregate of radio shows,sometimes there would be insightful comments. Maybe I'm late to drama,I dont know.

Emily Peterson said...

It's origins are entirely " Jewish".
Wake up for god sake!!!
You are showing yourselves to be, just good little "Talmudic trained, Jew indoctrinated Goyim"!!,
Mindlessly going along with your Jew indoctrinated mentalities!,
(instilled by your Jewish infiltrated radio hosts put there for you to love so).
But hey, keep on condemning me, who takes the time to give you some desperately needed wisdom !!!
Besides applauding book burning, your Jew friends have taught you well you must also condemn people like me.

Erik Paul said...

They should burn all the PDF files as well.

Emily Peterson said...


Noor al Haqiqa said...


Not so much, Emily Peterson. Book burning is as ancient as the keeping of scrolls in antiquity. The Jews did not burn the Library of Alexandria.

Pile up the Talmuds and let us burn them.

Meanwhile, there are times when it is best to simply exorcise as much of the cancer as possible by as many means as possible. If that includes the written core of Jewish hatred, then so be it.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

BTW I agree... Burn Soros instead.

Amerikaner said...

I wouldn't worry about losing the Duke programs too much. He's good on the international jew, but it seems that over the course of many years he's come to believe he's a Palestinian rather than a White man.

Negentropic said...

What bullshit. More limited hangout bait & hook for mass moron consumption by the slimy Chabad Lubavich puppet Putin.

Over a hundred documented instances of Putin doing the Jews' bidding 100%:

and much more.

Post # 191 a third of the page down.

Bookmark that page, Putin groupies, and sweet dreams.

Neither Putin nor Trump, the Netanyahu ass-kisser, is going to save any of your asses. You'll have to do that yourselves.

Hide Behind said...

Never believed in the burning of "idea's" which is what happens when books are burned, but by same token in the realm commercial book sales to educational institutions has always been one of political and financial graft.
No matter the nation billions are wasted in the purchace and paid publications by those witin the institutions themselves. Papers and treisties read by other "institutionalized" puppets of Government controlled bureaucracies.
Soros was liked by Russian Oligarchs because he showed them how to use their wealth to gain even greater wealth by buying foreign dignitaries and mixing with the true movers of international finance.
The movers who are just as brutal towards competitors as were those who gathered the crumbling Russian Sovereign holdings and privatized as much as each could.
Burning books that show just how those Russian oligarchs control their own people using Soros tactics, shows a certain cowardice and insecurity and also points out just how weak a political hold those oligarchs have over the risinf "international identity young professional Russian educated now know more of.
The young professional are not locked into the old Soviet inspired "Indoctrinaire" that walls of brick and wires kept Russian youths locked into only knowing a Russia that was not theirs but of those oligarchs.