Sunday, January 17, 2016

No Agenda Episode 791 - "Shunt Unit" - 21016.01.17

TODAY; PR; #OscarsSoWhite; Elections 2016; Ministry of Truth; Caliphate!; Nuland; Agenda 2030; Bengahzi; Obama Nation; BUGS!; NGO's; BTC; Migrants; Out There; Raw, and all your usual listening whilst showing The appropriate respect for another truth warrior gone too soon favourites.
R.I.P Charlie.

The Sunday Show.




Drew Carter said...

Marginally humorous disinfo shills! "The Democrats Control Hollywood" - after making that statement anything else they say is just pointless!

Disinfo Agents are normally 80% truth, and 20 percent spin.

These 2 clowns are 80 percent spin, and 20% Truth.

They should be punching themselves in the mouth!

Roy Hobs said...

I used to listen. It made me so sick to listen to them name all their donors and how much money they received for that month. I had to stop listening. Just boggles the mind how they even have 1 supporter. What the hell is wrong with humans.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I miss Fetcho and Duke.....