Thursday, January 28, 2016

Judaism: Making a State Out of a Religion

The Truth: Jews "Believe" That Everything In The Whole World Belongs To Them. Their "Yahweh" Told 'em So!
Judaism is the original Abrahamic “revealed”/hearsay religion. Christianity, Islam, Mormonism and Baha’i all have their roots in Judaism. The primary “holy” scripture/Word of God of Judaism is the Torah, which is the first five books of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament is also considered to be at least a part of the Word of God by all of the other Abrahamic religions. (The facts that Christianity came out of Judaism and that Christians were persecuting Jews caused the Deist Voltaire to write, "We hold the Jews in horror, and we insist that all which has been written by them, and collected by us, bears the stamp of Divinity. There never was so palpable a contradiction.") Many Gentile people who belong to one of the Abrahamic “revealed” religions believe the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament deals principally with morals, ethics and the hereafter. They are often very surprised to learn from objective study of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament that a very large and central part of it deals with promoting Hebrew/Jewish people above Gentile people as well as the creation and advancement of the Jewish state of Israel over all Gentile nations.


HereAmI said...

The writer misunderstands.
Judaism is the present-day incarnation of Pharisaism. It has as little to do with God's Purposes as anything else stemming from the abode of the Fallen One.
Thus to say that Christianity stems from it is to fly in the face of Scripture, and specifically, in the words of the Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who condemned and berated these "children of the devil" on every occasion.
Judaists claim to follow Torah, and the writer repeats this error.
Those who are a little more versed in reality understand that jews follow "The Oral Torah", ie a revelation apparently given to them when 70 of their elders went up on to mount Sinai, or Jebel al-Laws as it is in reality.
There is no scriptural justification for this belief; indeed anyone even remotely familiar with this creed, ie the "Wisdom of the Elders" knows that it is from start to finish a damnable blasphemy in every word and thought against the declared Word of God.
The writer, as I recall, did not repeat the other frequently-rendered piece of disinformation, ie that all the religions mentioned are "monotheistc / Abrahamic", but the intention was doubtless there.
Be advised that, as a revelation of the two-Person Nature of God, Christianity diverges in essence from both mohammedanism and judaism; the first prostrating itself before a singular god, and the second, before another singular god called Lucifer, which those who have penetrated behind the walls of the synagogues know is the acknowledged divinity worshipped therein.
So overall, then, I can only accord this piece of nonsense-writing a minus grade overall.

HereAmI said...

Incidentally, the writer wraps up his specious nonsense with a final solecism; ie that "a central part of the OT deals with the worldly pre-eminence of the jew and his nation".
Had he actually read the Book he claims to represent to us, he would know that throughout the OT, the jew is berated and condemned for his unbelief; an unbelief which rendered him unfit to inherit the Promise originally made to Abraham; the Promise having, according to the infinite wisdom and pre-knowledge of God, having now moved on to bless not the jew, but the Gentile,and all ( including converted jews ) who place their trust in the blessed Son of God.
Thus, Jeremiah tells us that the jews did "nothing" of all that God commanded them; and as such, they were in due time not honoured by Him, but cast out of the Land of Promise, and replaced by a Japhetic nation known today as the Ashkenazim, who continue however to masquerade as the People of God.

Unknown said...

Fooni, I see absolutely nothing wrong with this article.
It is excellent! And much needed.
It follows my beliefs on how important understanding Zionism.
But more specifically that,as it claims, understanding Zionism can primarily come from ready Deuteronomy, but is also made explicit in all the 5 books of the Jewish Torah.

Unknown said...

* reading

Unknown said...

sorry meant to correct "ready" with Deuteronomy.

Unknown said...

HereIam , your introductory sentence is important to know, and worth underscoring, if people don't yet realize that "Judaism is the present-day incarnation of Pharisaism".
Your second sentence, however, would need some serious clarifying in order for it to impart a logical argument. You stated..
"It has as little to do with God's Purposes as anything else stemming from the abode of the Fallen One."
Here, however, you MUST state what "God" you are referring to.
ONLY then would that heavily weighted sentence make any sense at all.
In that very sentence, my friend, to me you exhibit your confusion.
The Old Testament *IS* the Word Of The God Yahweh. Per se!
Yahweh, however, IS NOT THE CHRISTIAN GOD!!!
Don't worry your confusion is very common, and it is excellent that you displayed it for us, as it is A VERY FUNDAMENTLE area of confusion that needs to be thoroughly aired out and understood.

Unknown said...

Christ' life, was a life entirely spent condemning the teachings of this false God Yahweh, that was presented to the Judeans, by the Pharisees in the form of Deuteronomy.
That is WHY Christ spent His time preaching to the "Jews"!!!
(Judas, was the only Judean (Jew)amongst the disciples, hence Christ was "sold out" by this Jew for shekels, btw.)

Unknown said...

......or so The Story goes,
...and time has given "The Story" a created importance and factuality so great today, as it turns out, that everything now weighs on the teaching of this Gentile Man, nothing should be more sacred to the Gentile., even if it was only to stem from Even if it did only stem from myth one must understand, Christ is entirely what our marvelous Western Civilization is based on!!!
What he taught was intentionally ALL in reaction to, and as an ANTI THESIS for, the Talmudic teachings, a doctrine of hatred and destruction against the Gentile..
Christ was the FIRST leader for us to effectually make a stand against Judaism.

Unknown said...

It is important to see that SYBOLOGY is what is important in this world renown "history/mythology", not proof, in this case necessarily!

Unknown said...

I think I need to under score here;

Christendom is entirely what our marvelous Western Civilization is based on!
Christendom is precisely what Western civilization developed out of!!!

Unknown said...

Maybe I should also add to that underscoring;

...whether you like it or not !

Unknown said...

The main reason for the confusion that you honestly exhibited Iamhere, is caused by the fact that the Old and new Testament were bound inexplicably together.
It is unclear whether this was done intentionally by the "Jews" or not.
(I personally consider it was not done by them).
It is the cheif cause, however, of this confusion, (expressed nicely,in Iamhere's comment) resulting in thinking this God of Destruction Yahweh is one and the same as our Christian God of love for all mankind.

Unknown said...

It is age old! , and remains to this day a matter of can humanity continue to grow towards the light of compassion and enlightenment, as it did creating Western Civilization, ( i.e. The Renaissance !)
or will Talmudic influence render humanity forever pulled down and fettered in a mire of hate and endless destruction.

Unknown said...

The Old testament is the thesis.
The New Testament is it's antithesis.
Binding them together erroneously as one Book of God-the Bible, has created much confusion in Gentiles and has greatly served to benefit the progress of Judaism.

Unknown said...

Take a step. Disband your *belief* long enough to make a LOGICAL analysis.

Approaching culture and races of people, from an objective standpoint not already undermined by having "faith" at the start, leaves one to wonder how we Europeans lost our own traditions, myths, and ancient histories.

I suggest you ponder what would happen the world over to *jews* were they to ALL be taught, from birth, an entirely different, and ALIEN, belief system, not in any way associated with their "holy books" (or whatever they hold sacred) - you'd not have a "jew" in the bunch.

Something happened to we Europeans for a few centuries after Constantine, so that we Europeans forgot about our very own, homegrown, myths and adopted someone
else's grafting on top of ours.

Just think what would happen to "our folk", were we to be raised from birth never hearing a single word of "the bible", and, not until we were fully grown and educated, be confronted with the fairy tales as told in that bible. It would be like the tales of the brother's Grimm to us - fanciful, maybe entertaining, but certainly not something upon which grown and studious men would place any credence.

As long as we cling to what we were taught growing up, we'll be stuck with jews in our midst, mucking up the works every chance they get. Like it or not, these jews come to us embedded deeply, and incontrovertibly, within that there bible.

Get over it, white man, we got work to do and need to seriously challenge ourselves to grow up and not be "like children" being sang to sleep with fairy tales from a foreign culture. We should rediscover our own ancient histories and myths, and strive for the ennoblement of our own kind, absent alien and strange tales forced down our throats from birth.

I say that nobody's "sacred writings" corners the market as to how to live a righteous life, considerate of your maker and your fellow man.

Unknown said...

I think you need to read my comment as it has already negated everything you say in yours.
I can only imagine you commented without reading what I had already written.
You need to read it because you are making the EXACT SAME MISTAKE as Iamhere.

The Bible, whether fairy tale or not, IS the most significant Book in Western history!!!
It is not ONE book but TWO opposing text bound together (as already stated above).
So to talk about it as ONE book, as you both have done, is erroneous from the get go.

Please give the name of just one western historian claiming the Bible should be given no credence at all. I do not believe there could possibly be one. My bet is you wont be able to produce a name.
There is not one! lol.

Read what I said earlier please, so I don't have to repeat myself.
The unfolding of history in the 19 and 20 century as it pertains to Judaism, has given the dictum of the Old Testament all the credence that is necessary!!

The Old Testament was FORCED on humanity IN DEED, it has taken place IN ACTION:

That it is mythology in part (which it is NOT disputed by secular scholars or historians, or even an adult person for that matter)

IS IMMATERIAL ! relatively speaking as we see it unfolding.

How can you come into a comment section and make a comment - I imagine you must want others to read;
when, by said comment, you make it clear you have not returned them that same courtesy and read the comments that have already been made.

You might find, if you did, as was the case here, your comment has already been refuted;
and thus change it accordingly.

It does nothing for cohesiveness to say the least, and greatly hinders, even stops the progress of an honest debate and discussion, to require everything is laboriously and unnecessarily repeated for you.

Unknown said...

Also, how does the importance of studying the Bible in order to understand Zionism, and the cause of growth in our Western Civilization;
In any way stop you from looking into (adopting) what ever other Gods or religions you chose to.

It is, however, a fact that only from the Bible can we comprehend Zionism.
This is the point !
Zionism is the creed that is specifically destroying us and what we've created.
Whether you hold it as a belief system or not, it still needs to be understood.

Unknown said...

....only from the Torah * or Talmud: i.e. rabbinical commentary there on.

Unknown said...

The most significant song in the life of a 5 year old is "Old McDonald Had a Farm", but, with more maturity, we come to appreciate finer,and more mature, music.

Grow up.

Your comments suggest you are well-versed, intelligent, and fond of subtle insults worded appropriately as would be by an offended professor.

I assume you decided, at some point, to invest a lot of your mind and study to develop your ideas about the bible, so, when a nobody comes out of nowhere and suggests to you it has all been pretty much a total waste of time (who cares about a bunch of fairy tales from some alien race of people that only came together because of a vicious warlord who needed political support back home?)

I don't know you in particular, but, I've known your type who won't grow past your unwarranted emphasis on faith in your bible. And no, it doesn't matter whether you want to distinguish between one part or another, you find so many stunted adults dedicated to that silly binding that we, as a people, can never be more than a small percentage of our potential.

At least give a teeny little moment to ask yourself, as an intelligent adult, why you let a viscous killer like Constantine, 1700 years ago, decide for you what should be, and what shouldn't be, included in this all so damned important rag.

Nevermind. I know from a lifetime of experience that folks like you absolutely will not allow yourselves to advance beyond what you were brought up with as a child.

It is like adults, in every other way, running around still believing in Santa Clause, and launching great tomes about the intricacies of the great white bearded one in a loud red suite, with reindeer that fly.

Over and OUT!

Unknown said...

And, by the way:

flatEarthism is probably their New World Religion!

I'm serious folks too.I am not joking.
As I've said before:


(read your Torah that you were never meant to have to find that out)

IT IS GENTILES (Pythagoras, Coperincus) THAT GAVE US our correct Heliocentric system.

Don't get confused by Dubay trying to tell you otherwise, (THE OPPOSITE) he is demonstrably wrong.

Unknown said...

You have still failed to understand what I have written at all.
You are obviously a complete ignoramus


Making a statement like you did above claiming that he did, clearly and simply demonstrates that you must be a complete ignoramus (along with rude) and so you have no place, and should not even be attempting to debate this topic.

Listen up, I have been discussing the TORAH, in my comments here, ONLY ...HAVE YOU GOT IT YET?

The difference you notice between the way you and I communicate, (besides, as you mentioned, that I've actually educated myself on the subject!) is that I do not need to resort to being abusive, like you do.
I rather take great efforts to just put forth logical and educated debate,
for any reader that is educated enough to appreciate such a thing:

and are capable of seeing that I ALWAYS present them with a sufficient logical argument to back up ANY ONE of my positions.

I am really only here for people who understand how to, and thus will be able to reciprocate with fair rules of debate like this.

Unknown said...

^^^ above comment is @ jlynn littleberry.

foon1e said...

@"Emily Peterson" - I have been following your pronouncements in this thread to see where you were going regards the "actual" article I linked to. Unsurprisingly,You have chosen to Push Abrahamic "Believer" BS Instead. When Jlynn calls you out on it,you resort To Lyndsey-isms;typing in Caps.and - despite your protestation that you don't "need to resort to being abusive", 3 lines above that you "Abuse" his character by calling him a "Complete Ignoramus". Disingenuous much?

After your Public disavowing and baseless abuse of mami's and The Admins who keep it going the other week? We expected you to have taken up your strident skirt and flounced off to Whoolisblog for good:Somewhere "Believers" like yourself can find Like-minded Delusional Dead Hebrew-Worshippers to play with. You did indeed say we wouldn't see you again until 2017.Yet here you are again - Arguing for the sake of it with someone who rightly pointed out Constantine was the leader of 2 conclaves that decided exactly what Lies went into the official Buy-Bull:Both Old *&* New Testaments. Hmmm...

If A simple intellect like myself could see he was referring to the *Whole* Buy-bull, rather than the Torah as you was ranting about? That leads me to conclude that you are either deliberately blind to how sentences are constructed in English - Or you are deliberately deflecting by arguing he said something he patently didn't say. And *that* is yet more disingenuous behaviour.

So, I politely ask you to make good on your Public pronouncements of never coming back to mami's again.
We're not interested in Towering Intellects like yourself using our Blog as a place to work-out their theological contortions in public. Our Primary focus is solely on the iniquities Of The Jew,and everything they gave "Believers" to control their behaviour 2 millennia ago up to the present day. We do not Endorse your Jew-Given religion for obvious reasons. So, to be clear:- Continue in this vein, and you'll join the un-illustrious gaggle of deliberate trolls,operatives and spam-bots we routinely put in the spam-box.

As our American Cousins like to say - "Have A Nice Day Now!"

Unknown said...

No Gentile has ever had any say in what went into the Torah.

You are completely wrong.

This is obvious if you had any handle on Zionism what so ever.
I am right 100%. You and Jlyn are both wrong *100%*

I leave it to your readers to decide whether they think a Gentile could change ONE single precious word of their beloved Torah !!!
This is beyond ignorant, it is will full ignorance.

BTWYou need to educate yourself cousin Foon1 on the Trivium....desperately.
Until then enjoy your self
I wont be back......ever.

Unknown said...

Constantine is a Gentile

It is simply impossible for Constantine, as a Gentile, to be responsible for:

one SINGLE word of the Torah.

I just needed to clarify to readers that Constantine was a Gentile.

Bye everyone, thanks, take care.

foon1e said...

We're all well aware of the "Trivium" around here thanks.
No One except yourself has made that assertion EP.It was erroneous when you first attempted to "steer the conversation" away from the fact the Buy-Bull is a combination "Old-& New" Slave-training manual;pieced together from old legends and half-truths (By Romans and Pharisees to keep rebellious Jews & non-Jews within the Roman Empire of That Time In line). Hence the total fail of your appearances around here,no matter. Tutty Bye, And Have fun wherever you end up.

Unknown said...

Holy shit Emily you need to find a man or a hobby like demolition Derby.