Wednesday, January 27, 2016

JLBE1611 | Flat Earthers Doxxing Online Opponents?

In this video I ask you to question what you think is appropriate, morally and/or ethically, when it comes to dealing with those who oppose your worldview online. This is obviously a broad question with no simple, easy answer, but my hope is to encourage those who see this video to question their own beliefs about why they are here in this scene in the first place.

Nathan Oakley's video

Jeff Stewart's video

Kyle Jones' video

JohnleBonEXTRA's You Tube

A View from the Bog



Zeetip said...

Max Igan addressed the FE issue perfectly in 10 minutes:

^ jump to 17:15, listen through 27:15.

Amerikaner said...

This modern 'flat earth' explosion, this rapid growing 'movement' has only one purpose behind it: To get all of our attention OFF the Jewish Conspiracy. I'm convinced it was originally created in 2015 solely for this one purpose. And if you try posting what I have just said here on one of the flat-earther's youtube message boards, they will NOT let it through as a comment. NONE of them will. Just try it and see. It speaks volumes!

1776blues said...

The top three links are no longer good. The message on YouTube says an error occurred during validation and video does not exist.

1776blues said...

Oh and Tim Osman is the CIA name 911 researchers say belongs to Osama bin Laden