Saturday, February 20, 2016

Antonin Scalia’s Death During Secret Junket Points to New Ethical Violations

Antonin Scalia died as he lived, indulging behind closed doors in the largess of the very wealthy, who could depend on the right-wing associate justice to defend their interests in the United States Supreme Court. The nauseating praise for Scalia as a towering judicial figure is exposed as all the more dishonest and absurd by the still emerging circumstances of his passing. 

On Friday, February 12, the start of the Supreme Court’s annual week-long President’s Day recess, Scalia took a chartered jet from Washington, D.C., accompanied by an unidentified lawyer friend, to the exclusive Cibolo Creek Ranch in the Chinati Mountains of West Texas, near the Mexican border. US marshals assigned as Scalia’s bodyguards were told not to make the trip....

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Anonymous said...

I've found the discussion of Scalia's possible murder (featured prominently on Infowars) to be a distraction in terms of Court control, since the Obamacare decision proved that Chief Justice John Roberts could be relied upon to decide a case the way that the establishment wants, with completely baffling reasons inconsistent with a supposed conservative and/or originalist.

And a 4-4 tie on the Court means that the lower court's decision stands, which can cut either way and perhaps be a draw, but probably works in favour of the cultural Marxists in most cases, especially with the federal circuit court decisions.

I never personally appreciated Scalia's hypocrisy on originalism and the Bill of Rights, particularly the Second Amendment.

Nor, for that matter, was the First Amendment intended to mean that money equals free speech.

Zeetip said...

73 mins; desc & mp3 links inside:

Pedophiles Down Under With Fiona Barnett
February 20, 2016

^ This Fiona lady is, or alleges to be, an MK Ultra child abuse survivor. Advance to 59:00, when she alleges that the ranch Scalia was murdered at, is an elite pedophilia/rent-boy/child-hunting ranch. Also said "it's rumored" that Scalia's throat was slit, and added something about a rent-boy did the deed. Family rushed to embalm the body to cover up the whole sordid reality of the ranch, and elite pedophilia generally.

Where Fiona's cred nearly swirled down the crapper from my perspective, was her fixation throughout the show on "eeeevil NAZIs! ", that's who's running the world today, the fourth Reich satanists (or, "Luciferians" she distinguished early on). At one point, the Rothschilds came up, and host Garth said, "zionists", to which Fiona said "yeah", and she moved on, banging on how HitlerCo & the Nazi's/4th Reich is behind everything today! :(

Garth/Crazz Files are joo-wise; just page back through their past guests: to find John Friend, Kyle Hunt, Don Fox & others; and in these shows, both guests and Crazz host(s) banged on dajoo problem throughout! So I could hear Garth Crazz in this show above, politely biting his tongue in deference to guest Fiona throughout.

But I do allow for the possibility, indeed the likelihood, that what she says about Poindexter's ranch, is true. People (Fiona?) can be high knowledge/cred in one area, and brainwashed like the rest of us (pre-deprogramming/re-learning) in another area, such as dajooz' projection of all their own EEEEVIL, onto HitlerCo.

here's the article Fiona reads a bit from:

Nona said...

What happened in sacred geometry on Feb 12?
Could he have been a sacrifice on that date.
Then, the Elite had 2 reasons to kill Scalia, killing 2 birds with 1 stone?

Christopher Marlowe said...

First of all: really? An article at the World Socialist Web Site? At this late date, have these people not realized the Jewish crap they have infected into the world?

Secondly: Scalia had 9 children. I do not for one minute believe that he was a pedo. The person alleging this has zero proof and is talking about nazis? For crying out loud, show a little bit of responsibility and ignore the wanna-be AJs.

Third: Although Scalia was not perfect, he was probably the best on the court. The second best IMHO would be Thomas, who is said to be the most consistent. I would only grade Scalia more highly because of his outspoken opposition to the degenerate direction the court has taken with fag marriage, and abortion.

I got a chance to question Scalia in person a few years ago regarding the abomination that was Bush v Gore. I asked why different voting machines in rich and poor districts was not a violation of the EPC, but the remedy ordered by the FL supreme court was declared a violation. I stumped the judge, and he could not give a coherent answer beyond, 'because we said so...' I was a hero in my law school for about 10 minutes.

But even though he got it wrong sometimes, Scalia was getting it right more than the rest of them, and now if the faggot-in-chief gets to choose his successor, it will spell more doom for the Constitution.

Erik Paul said...

My spidey sense says they whacked him but either way they will soon own the SCOTUS. The Constitution means whatever the Supreme Court says it means and case law rules. We're fucked.

Unknown said...

another bites the dust.....cya mofo......pos anyway...the world is better without him...olny a million to go