Saturday, February 20, 2016

Raghabah Outing

Raghabah Outing

Dennis Fetcho's You Tube



t brad said...

thats funny seeing fetch dressed like that.

Negentropic said...

Hey, Dennis of Arabia! Nice and loose in the desert dunes. Nothing more ridiculous than a suite and noose. People in the bee's-nest world will not re-spect (re-see you in their minds) you unless you wear the symbol of the established beesnest. Not one presidential candidate has the balls not to wear the required uni-form. That should already tell you all you need to know. If Trump thinks he's such a "bad-ass," let's see him show up without his suite and noose. Let's see him conduct his bee's-nest without his bees-nest membership garment, his symbol of kissing-up to the establishment. Not just on one "casual day," not on a couple of days without a tie (tied to what? a ball and chain?)like Obongo, but EVERY day. You don't have to be a barefooted, never showering, hair-down-to-the-ass hippy to flip the finger to the establishment, but few of these dipshits even have that much balls. They know the power of programming on the masses. "He ain't wearing no noose? Well, goddammit, he must not know what he's doin' then!"

Erik Paul said...

Hey, Fetch! Nice tablecloth but isn't that Hashimite headgear, and where's the scimitar?

Brings back memories of my days as an Aramco Brat living in Dhaharan back in the 50s. Nothing like that cool dry desert air, especially at night along with the blazing starlight. The expat lifestyle is definitely right for you.

TheFetch said...

Hi everyone - Erik - people really don't get it but the expat life is something I really enjoy. It is hard, admittedly (being in Saudi), with all the political jockeying at the moment, but I trust you know well that our good will goes quite a long ways to make things a bit better in this world.

Neg - I look sharp in the Bee's Nest Suit. Gotta play the part and if you gotta play it, play it well.

I need to get out to Dharan. Haven't been there in awhile now. Would like to get a grilled fish out on the peninsula in Khobar.

Negentropic said...


I didn't say it doesn't look good, it often does. lol I said it's a symbol of an establishment job and the tie itself serves no function outside the decorative (beyond its supposed original function of being a cloth to wipe food from people's mouths), but to cut the air off to your lungs. lol I don't begrudge you "playing the part," since you take the money and go against the establishment with it.

P.S. Next video better have have a camel in it and you riding it through the dunes and hallucinating mirages, with music from Maurice Jarre. A belly-dancer or two wouldn't hurt either. lol

Dennis Fetcho said...

Heh - the camel part can probably be arranged, but would make for a time consuming outing....

Erik Paul said...

"Get a grilled fish in Khobar." Wow, how things have changed! In my day no white man would have dared to eat anything in Khobar except for imported packaged goods. It was complete squalor; narrow dirt streets lined with open-air markets, the ragged dirty denizens squatting around, donkeys and donkey dung, and flies everywhere. The tallest buildings were a few shabby two-story concrete block structures. No ordinary Arab wore any kind of Western clothing or drove any kind of motor vehicle. And none of them spoke any English.

They can say what they want about those "ugly Americans," but we sure as hell brought civilization to bunch of not-so-noble savages.

Negentropic said...

@Erik said:

". . . but we sure as hell brought civilization to bunch of not-so-noble savages."

Industrial civilization, yes. But not all civilization. Early Moslem civilization has had plenty of influence on Europe in the past.

The greatest of Persian poets, Hafez, was one of Goethe's favorite poets. He wrote and entire book of poems in tribute to him.

So, while you're kicking his descendents and co-religionists out of Europe while using ebay invented by a 100% Iranian and Apple Computer products, pre-dominantly out there due to the vision of ONE half-Syrian man raised by an Armenian mother, don't flatter yourself too much about your own "superiority." It's getting a little ridiculous. Only low self-esteem people feel the need to constantly degrade others.

Love your own, but don't shit on others or else your dogma will never outrun your karma. That should be the maxim to follow.


Erik Paul said...

What the hell are you smoking, Neg? What do Persian (non Arab) poets, Syrians and Apple computer have to do with anything I said?

I was describing the inhabitants of small area on the eastern coast of Arabia that I personally witnessed. They were not descended from some lofty early Moslem civilization but seemed to be a predominantly Negroid mixture that probably came up from Africa. They were as I described, savages, meaning primitive, barbarous, ignorant and without civilization.

When Dennis goes to that small area today he finds a gleaming metropolis with towers, resorts, shopping malls, hospitals, super highways, universities, world-class cuisine and on and on. My people brought about this miraculous transformation in just 60 years. Yeah, we brought them civilization, sure as hell. lol

Dennis Fetcho said...

Hi Neg -

Erik has some good points here. As far as the early Muslim period, history is murky, but I suspect what was early "Muslim civilization" was the tail end remnant of an even superior form of thought and social construction that Islam snuffed out over a few short 100 or so years.

We cannot also dismiss that there are societies and cultures exist who are really really uncivilized or even capable of raising themselves up - which is what our Western system is all about. Even today, educated Saudi's have a very dismissive attitude towards "bedouins", who, quite frankly, are often a danger on the roads and will kill at the slightest perceived "sleight" just as surely as a black thug in America need little to no excuse to kill or harm indiscriminately.

Erik is right. Western influence has done a remarkable job transforming Saudi Arabia and the region into something where life can (and does) flourish.

Problems? Absolutely. But worse than before? Nope. Getting better (although turning right as of late).

We need to re-evaluate what was pre-Islam and why what was the "glory days of Islam" did not flourish and advance further, rather than digress to an incomprehensible degree.