Monday, June 20, 2016

David Duke Show 2016.06.20

Dr. Duke is joined by Lana Lokteff of Red Ice Creations - Women & White Survival!

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Zeetip said...

Not fully sure why Renegade hostess Sinead McCarthy fell out with Lana; as Sinead was guest on Lana's '314 show around a year ago and they got along swimmingly. But for some reason since, Lana (& I suppose Henrik mostly by association) have been in Sinead's gun sights. All I know is Sinead's got a problem with the obviously kosher/gay-led Alt-Right™ (bowel) movement which Lana seems to embrace, and as a "brand", Alt-Right™ seems to have Trump-cheerleading as part of their TM-brand program. Plus not talking critically about the Dinjoo Nuffins or Israel; and from what I've seen, not scrutinizing all the obvious dinjooz-orchestrated FF/hoax/psyops like the recent Orlando Homocaust Hoax. See "Milo's" recent visit & speech at the Pulse nightclub (search youtube)-- total acceptance of the dinjooz' official Homocaust story there... plus kosher WW2 history, the holohoax, creation of IsraHell, and "sticking together against outsiders, like the Dinjooz had to learn the hard way to do!" :( But "Milo" loves Trump; he's anti-immigration and he's pro gun rights, so that's the bait for the Alt-Right™ dupes who fall for that whole charade.

So Lana's featured (among many) in this Sinead parody video published last week, "Alt Right in a Nutshell {Cringefest}", 13 mins:

^ If Sinead's beef is Lana's embracing of Trump & the obviously co-opted Alt-Right™ brand, well they're not very far apart overall vs the 90/whatever percent their views overlap... but it seems Sinead burned that huge bridge and instead targetted Lana with her already waaaay overused mock/ridicule arrows. I don't know who to distrust more; Lana for her Trump/Alt-Right™ embracement, or Sinead for her penchant for being a catty/wedge personality?

Funnily, Sinead was also on DD's show a couple times around 1/2 year ago; and then in one of her renegade shows a few months ago she told about how DD was calling her a couple times a week for a while after those DD shows, giving her "advice" about this & that; and how she found that a little creepy.

Well DD's never been high on my trust list either; coz of his not banging on the holohoax and WHO did 911, plus his (public...) "acceptance" of all the same FF/hoax/psyops since 911... very unhelpful, keeping his regular listeners in that mind corral.

Though I don't beat up on DD too bad coz he serves as a stepping stone-- helping deprogram peeps from the same "Dinjooz as perennial innocent victims" mind-cage I myself was in a decade+ ago. DD did a very useful number with AJ's mind-slaves last Fall, right?

Negentropic said...

Duke doesn't even acknowledge 9/11 as a False Flag and hardly ever mentions the holohoax or the danger of vaccines so if they want to stay consistent with their banning of Angelo John Gage for vaccinating his son, Kaminski for being a "misogynist" who blames womb-men for all our problems, and John Friend for going to the NPI conference where a "macho" right-wing homosexual by the name of Jack Donovan was allowed to speak and Trump was cheerleaded, they shouldn't just bash Kevin McDonald, which they already have, burning the bridge to the infamous academic and frequent Duke guest, and start bashing Duke directly too. Duke's and Black's connection to that Sephardic Jew Billionaire in Florida Black's current wife who was Duke's ex-wife works for are already well-known and will provide endless opportunities to shit on the hair-dyed head of the ex-Grand-Wizard. lol

Renegade are a also openly declared Pagan National Socialists which limits their potential audience to exactly the million hits a month they get now mostly from people who are already WNs or Stormfront members also hip to the conspiracy world which is where Kyle and his old lady (never to be called "husband" and "wife" in each others' presence just like Henrik & Lana) both came from Celtic Rebel's show. Celtic Rebel was supposed to be part of Renegade when it was originally planned as a joint venture between a WN faction (Dave from Texas, Kyle, Lugh, Siegfried the violin player, the ex-Marine whose name is lost to memory) and a more Libertarian faction closer to what only Charles Giuliani is now (Celtic Rebel, Greg from New Jersey and a couple of others whose names I don't remember. There was also a funny Mexican guy who would call in that oddly enough friends with Lugh, the most hardcore National Socialist at that time, although due to Lugh's speech impediments and his constant drunkenness you would have to listen very hard to find out anything about his be-leafs).

Of course, the stupid move by Celtic Buttcrack to try to turd-up-the-bowl with mega-shill Dallas Goldbug ruined that conception by giving the WN faction the excuse to take over and that was that, more mystical collectivism in action without the checks-&-balances of social science based on the reality of the individual, the smallest minority of hue-man.

Collectivists don't believe in the individual and fully intend to violate him or her whenever and wherever THEY, as in THEIR group of individuals gets a monopoly of force, and one of THEIR commonly held and cherished "principles" is not respected by the individual. These principles are NOT simply what are called Natural Rights but what they deem as "for the common good," as if they have any right to judge for all individuals and then force them to comply.

Once their karma outruns their dogma (and sometimes it might take a few decades of lying to themselves and denial before they realize karma is chasing their asses for payment), they, the National Socialist collectivists as well as everyone else, have to pay the cost in energy (inner-G or inner-god, inner-balance and grace) like everyone else and the only actual hue-mans there to collect will be individuals, since only individuals exist, hundreds of millions, maybe even billions, of individuals INDIVIDUATING in their own unique way, who were prevented from free-growth by those who thought they knew better than them and could be their parents "for their own good," regimenting them for "heroic" missions. lol