Monday, June 20, 2016

Short End Of The Stick with Mike Harris 2016.06.16

Dr.Preston James is guest hosting for Mike Harris. Kevin Barrett (Orlando false flag, Jews etc) is the 1'st hour guest and Jim Kirwan (Orlando shooting) is the the 2nd hour guest.

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Negentropic said...

Barrett is a total "limited-hangout" disinformation shill, far worse than Christopher Bollyn, who at least acknowledges fully-faked PsyOps since Sandy Hoax.

As far as this shill Barrett is concerned, these "events" are always real "false flags," with real blood-&-guts spilled NEVER faked PsyOps as has been proven by other researchers over and over again. Barrett is here to keep all the suckers LOOKING AWAY from TOTALLY FAKED and acted-in MEDIA-ORCHESTRATED PsyOps. Is he a paid agent or useful idiot or ego? It makes not difference to speculate on what you'll probably never find out, but the RESULT is the same: disinfo or the creation of enough CONFUSION so that everything becomes believable (such as one person taking out 50 people, people having less of a problem with massacring 50 people than lying to the public about 50 faked victim identities, etc.) and hardly anything fully knowable. People are always kept in a state of indecision, limbo and extra fear and insecurity. Who will THEY murder next? Be scared, be very scared! vs. Which "murders" will they FAKE next? These clown, lying pieces of shit, these pscyotic punks. The second scenario, once recognized, keeps the alt-media INTERNALIZING POWER and less-&-less afraid of these tyrant-slime. The second-scenario gets you laughing at these fraudsters who follow Kissinger's "It's not what is true that counts but what is PERCEIVED TO BE TRUE" doctrine.

Barrett is here to protect the MASS MEDIA'S COMPLICITY in running these PsyOps. The Mass-Media is DOING these faked events along with military PsyOp departments and almost all of them are FAKED, and most of them fully ahead of time. Then the fully complicit media just pretends that the "event" took place "live," airing the documentary-style film already shot in many pieces, as needed, and no one is any wise. Barrett is here to make sure the alt-media in the non-Alex-Jones factions stays as dumb as the Alex-Jones-Loose-Change faction when it comes to the "how" or the most important part of what makes these truck-load of PsyOps, done anytime they need to, possible. What makes them possible on such a vast scale is that they FAKE THEM. They do not actually go out and murder people, because it would take FAR TOO LONG to find all the exact types of "victims" they need and the exact types of "patsies" they need to make the whole scenario work as a real blood-&-guts "False Flag." But done as a MEDIA-FAKED false flag with nothing but actors and faked identities, INCLUDING FAKED VICTIMS. That can be done ANY-TIME a movie-budget can be put together to pay some actors and script-writers and media people (they are already paid ridiculous amounts just to read tele-prompters they hardly ever write) and there is an endless-stream of legally counterfeited fiat-money available from banksters for acted-in PsyOp films anytime they need one.

Negentropic said...

(continued . . .)

However, for asswipe shills like Barrett, movie special effects and actors are not a reality and don't exist. Murderers who can keep their mouths shut are a reality in Barrett's deliberately fear-mongering Alex-Jones-Loose-Shekels-style message, intended to keep you all in fear and EXTERNALIZING POWER by triggering your fear-traumas since 9/11. Media people are then duped along with the rest of us, airing whatever they're given by "the military" "false-flag" murderers. Actors and film-makers who can FAR MORE EASILY keep their mouths shut, since they never even participated in a mass-murder and it sits far more easily on their conscience, these are not possible to Barrett's way of thinking. Also if Barrett is a "Moslem-Libertarian," a contradiction in terms, then he should be totally against the barbaric sharia laws in countries like Iran, not praising them as bastions of the fraud of democracy, when they are simply hardcore religious dictatorship.

If Barrett approves of the above neanderthal laws, he should be deported immediately to live in Khomeini-land. Then he can "convert people in droves to Islam by making everyone understand what Islam really is." lol If Iran is his idea of an ideal Islamic state, he certainly seems to fully approve of Iran, it sure couldn't be any further away from "libertarianism" that's for sure! lol

Fetzer is assigned to limited hangout the slightly wiser "truthers," the people awakened-in-a-different-way since the first release of September Clues in 2007 and in far-greater-numbers since Sandy-Hoax that are now hip to the Media-Fakery pragmatic-&-never-moral modus-operandi of the fear-based-trauma strategy and tactics of constantly triggering them by pre-manufactured PsyOp "reality shows" by a fully complicit Media empire.

Fetzer is a shill too, but a far more deep-cover one. People don't usually understand why Fetzer is a shill until they study Simon Shack's research and how much thorough and honest it is than anything Fetzer has ever spewed out of his face.

Preston James: "But, but, but, WE KNOW that people died on 9/11." No you don't you sucker and neither does Kirwan, unfortunately. Both of you have also been gatekept and you don't know it. lol

Negentropic said...

Correction to the first post: no one is any WISER.

Negentropic said...

Corrections to the second post:

1) . . . when they are simply A hardcore religious dictatorship.

2) . . . how much MORE thorough and honest it is than anything Fetzer has ever spewed out of his face.