Friday, July 1, 2016

Mammonism, Brexit and The Rest of Us

The Truth - whilst uncomfortable for some, is evident to those awake to the perfidity Of The Jews.
Gilad Atzmon spells out *WHY* Brexit was a reaction To Jewish Control Of British Society By It's Poorest,most powerless members:The "Working Class".

The Labour Party is: Dominated by Jewish cosmopolitan ideology; and funded by Jewish oligarchs.The Jewish Left is pro immigration, pro identitarian politics, pro LGBT and so on. Jews realize that when things turn sour, it is the working class that turns against the Jews. This causes them to feel threatened by a cohesive working class. They prefer the working class to be broken into an endless number of different sectarian and identity groups. Jews would prefer society to be seen as a manifold of tribes and synagogues. That way the Jews are just one tribe amongst many. It is the Jewish Left that taught us that ‘the personal is political.’ These are the same people that trained us to talk ‘as a’: ‘as a black,’ ‘as a Muslim,’ ‘as a gay, ‘as a Jew’ and so on.   They have succeeded in dividing us.
Farage offered the Brits an opportunity to re-unite and think once again as Brits. At least 52% of the Brits bought into his call. His support included the vast majority of nonurban Brits who were apparently impervious to the Labour party’s contradictory position.


Scorpio said...

Nice captions added to the pic - good work, Foone.

MaryC said...

Good article by Atzmon. The MSM, which is Jewish controlled, has managed to use the Brexit result to divide us along generational lines; thus we have pissed off, EU supporting, young people grumbling about the older generation who, we are told, were largely responsible for the 'Leave' vote.