Friday, July 1, 2016

The People Speak with Steve Johnson 2016.06.28

Guest:  Christopher Bollyn AKA Kinky Balloon. The topic is 9/11. Paul Joseph Watson via email asks Bollyn: " Have you heard of The Carlyle Group and do you believe that they had something to do with it? " LMAO

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Scorpio said...

Piper has died yet the name 'kinky balloon' lives on - lol

Erik Paul said...

Apparently Neg missed this post.

Anonymous said...

That's just blatant manipulation for Watson to be sending in an e-mail, and the LMAO characterization of it is very appropriate, because of Watson's obvious misdirection intent.

It is so revealing that he not only had the time, but deliberately went out of his way to contact the program at the time, when he is busier than ever, except that he's the successor to Jones in that third-party media infiltration and misdirection, as those who listened to Jones prior to about 2009 will recall how he used to regularly call into various smaller patriot-type radio shows, befriend hosts, and then inject his misdirection and disinfo.

Jones abandoned that once he got big enough for it to no longer matter what other smaller hosts had to say about him, or to counter his message, so now he outsourced it to a lower-level fish, Watson, in very strategic cases.

Watson was already busted as a deliberate disinfo agent with the Boston Marathon psy-op, where he spliced together two clips from the same Family Guy episode to give the false impression that a bomb was being set off at the marathon, as opposed to elsewhere, so that Seth MacFarlane and the mass media could try to discredit any claim that the episode was evidence of foreknowledge of what did happen, which it was.

Here is an article I did where Oracle co-founder, Doug Owen, once revealed that Gary Franchi told him that Alex Jones said that if you ever backstab me, I'll squish you like a bug, and you'll be dead in this movement. That was a big reason why Jones was infiltrating the various shows at the time, to prevent that, and Watson is carrying on with that mission.

Later, the fact that Jones never crushed Mark Dice after the fake dispute they have is evidence of it being total fake, compared to when he did cut all ties with others in legitimate disputes, like with John Stadtmiller and Rense.

Ognir said...

Gary Franchi is a piece of shit, fuck'em
1st ever asshole to call the Ogster a Nazi online
Then he continued selling 911 t-shirts and dvd
leaving off a dead jew