Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Richard Spencer discusses getting banned from the United Kingdom by Theresa May and what it means.

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Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this forum, because it gives me a chance to bring up issues that tie into other posts on this site, and in this case, it is a good time to raise the issue of Richard Spencer getting arrested and thrown out of Hungary when he tried having a conference there.

The Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, is held up as some great protector of Hungary, in turning away all the asylum seekers, but let's look at that more closely in relation to his behaviour regarding Spencer and crew.

First, it proves that Orban is ultimately a politician like all the others. Second, he's not really a totally great hero that many in the Alt Right have made him out to be in throwing out a small group of peaceful academics who are ideological kindred spirits in being Euro nationalists.

Hungary's actions in detaining all asylum seekers and facilitating their exit was actually necessary, but it served the larger intended purpose of the whole crisis of sending them primarily to Germany instead of respecting the Schengen Agreement and creating a crisis that would result in having a military presence stopping all further entry into all of Europe from Hungary.

Orban is probably legit, but he did serve the ultimate aims of the Jewish Zionist and non-Jewish Zionist supremacists who ultimate architected the uprising in Syria and surrounding area.

As for Spencer getting banned from the UK by May, that's a second for her, after doing it to Heimbach, but it's even more egregious in the case of Spencer, since he is a pure academic, and therefore wouldn't reach as much of an audience as a more populist speaker and personality.