Friday, August 12, 2016

Circus Maximus with Nick Spero 2016.08.12

Ole Dammegård – Operation Gladio Then & Now

Ole Dammegård and Nick discuss the history of Operation Gladio and how Gladio has evolved, False Flags, Staged Events, Assassinations, Crisis Actors, trauma based mind control through the use of fear porn in the media.

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2 comments: said...

Ole Dammegard is the most astute prominent commentators out there on a bunch of shows on the issue of crisis actors and media fakery in various events in the past two years.

Most others -- myself included -- woke up to it from others (myself mostly starting with Dr. Stan Monteith and the Boston Marathon bombings), but he seems to have done his own original research and presented it to big alternative audiences without any BS (unintended or intended), and he will challenge hosts who try to steer the conversation away from his main points (like he did with Susan Lindauer).

Circus Maximus said...

Thanks for posting this show, its a must listen!