Thursday, August 11, 2016

David Duke Show 2016.08.11

Dr. MacDonald and Dr. Duke discuss the Media Onslaught Against Trump and Duke -- and How We Can Win!

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Anonymous said...

The onslaught is completely justified when Trump makes stupid remarks, which I believe are intentionally crafted to throw the election to Hillary, like his somewhat ambiguous, but actually not, reference to assassinating Hillary, or now claiming that Obama is the founder of ISIS.

In the way that he won the Republican nomination, I was worried he may actually win the Presidency, since he has a win-at-all-costs mindset in business, but the presidency is very different, where he wouldn't be able to order people around like he does in business, and that is a reason why people like Bill Gates never ran for President.

His 2007 Obama birth certificate behaviour made me suspicious of him all the way back then, when he was still getting coverage for his statements when all others, including seemingly serious lawyers were getting no coverage or were portrayed as total kooks, and when Obama released an even more blatantly fake birth certificate, Trump said, OK, that's settled (which was exactly his purpose). Obviously Obama's birthplace is in question when even a draft copy of his autobiography says he was born in Kenya. But that was all a distraction anyway, since natural born originally and always was intended to mean born of two American citizens.

I suspect Trump took the deal because he wants to serve the establishment in the way that they felt was best intended, as being one of the few ways they could get Hillary elected because of her extreme unpopularity, by duping enough disaffected voters and then sabotaging his credibility, repeatedly.

badbeta said...

You could well be right Jason. He's now backtracking on Hillary and Obama founding ISIS and saying he was just being sarcastic.