Thursday, August 11, 2016

FBI tip led RCMP to thwart possible terrorist act by Aaron Driver in Strathroy, Ontario

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation tipped off the RCMP about a person who was potentially planning a terrorist attack in Canada, says Reuters, which led the Mounties to a small Ontario town where a known ISIS sympathizer died in a confrontation with officers.

After receiving the tip Wednesday morning, police responded to what they called "a potential terrorist threat" in Strathroy, at the home of Aaron Driver, 24, who had been under a peace bond for openly supporting ISIS on social media.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, Zap.

These Canadian stories often get overlooked for their overall significance for the phony global war on terror.

I've been looking for patterns in all these events since Boston, and what I've noticed with the two most recent big Canadian events since 2014 is:

1) Both have at least one parent connected to the government. In the Parliament Hill Shooter case, his mother is a federal government employee, and in this case, his father was in the military.

2) Both were reportedly killed, and under suspicious circumstances. Parliament Hill guy was reportedly killed by the Speaker of the House and this guy was reportedly killed after setting off a bomb in a taxi, or being shot at just as he left his house.

3) Both were reportedly lone wolves.

4) Both of them reportedly killed, or reportedly intended to only kill soldiers or police.

And mostly importantly, 5) Both were reportedly home grown terrorists, which I highlighted the significance of in my show in 2014, where they could completely deflect any call for decreased immigration into the country with the higest per capita immigration, and where the Trudeau government would eventually bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees within several months by early 2016.

These aspects are all key to the plan for Canada, where there couldn't be mass casualties, and they had to be "homegrown" and not immigrants, because Canada is intended to play a special role within the emerging NWO, of being "the world's first post-national state" according to current Prime Minister, Trudeau. Had there been lots of casualties, or had they been immigrants, Trudeau wouldn't have been able to stop the bombing against ISIS, and Canadians wouldn't have continued to accept, even though they don't overwhelmingly support, the highest level of immigration in the world, and current Liberal plans to double the number of refugees per year to 50,000.

Anonymous said...

Small correction, Sergeant at Arms, not the Speaker of the House.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I found it very interesting last month when the Victoria Legislature "terrorists" were not only freed but the judge gave the authorities absolute hell for entrapment! Needless to say, those who thought my assertions of this called me nuts, they would never do such a thing, these young terrorists must be heavily punished, yada yada yada.

But mention this to those folks now and they say, "Well if they were so stupid they should be punished for even thinking of committing a crime." .... Rolls eyes. Canadians are... very very broken by liberal cognitive dissonance and Trusty Justy Turdea... er Trudeau... is amping up that process.

They want to make Canadians fearful now... instead of their usual apathetic selves. Apathy does not make for eager warriors.... fear does.

Faux your point about using homegrown is excellent regarding immigration. I live in a medium size capital city that has been, until a few years ago, still white white white. Other than a sparse few and of course the Asian population that goes with being on the Pacific shores. However, now in my part of town, the poorest section of the city (but still paradise by most standards).... I am seeing a noticeable change of ... colour. Colour which in many cases does not speak English. Not a word of it alas, and that really does pose a problem. I left Toronto in 82 when this situation got to be overwhelming to me as a new mother. Now, I am too old to just pick up and leave... and to where?

BTW WTF is "the world's first post-national state". Sounds like anglo-Zio-Communist jargon for "satellite of Israel in the JWO/NWO".