Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The People Speak with Steve Johnson 2016.08.02

Guest:  Henry Makow

He couldn't help himself., he just had to mention Hitler and  The Hoyer memorandum.

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El Buggo said...

I learned a lot on the Freemasonry after having watched Occult Forces 1943. Director Jean Many (Paul Riche)was executed for this film.

Anonymous said...

Makow takes a mainstream view on the National Socialists, with Anthony Migchels writing an article about Ursula Haverbeck, the German revisionist charged with a crime for her TV appearance and Makow trivializing it, calling her a Nazi granny.


I invited Makow onto my Oracle show back in 2013 and he declined, saying he didn't have anything new to say, only for me to notice him going on another show that year, within months, I think.