Monday, August 15, 2016

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2016.08.15

Charles argues why his astronomical observations disprove the flat earth and geocentricism and then talks about how the Bible is wrong about the nature of the Earth.

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wanda said...

I have a lot of respect for Charlie so it's painful to hear him repeating the same programming we all received to make his points. What that tells me is he is the one clinging to belief and has not honestly researched this topic. Gee, while i appreciate the advice, does Charlie really think flat earth proponents have not used telescopes, math, observation and experiments to test these premises for ourselves... that we just want to believe the earth is flat for some fvcking reason? What reason would that be? Come on, don't be that guy. Most people go into FE with the idea of debunking it and instead become convinced it is the reality.

There are some flat earthers out here who do lie, but the shills and freemasons are everywhere. I know for sure, i am not lying... Del is not lying and many other people out here are going where the evidence is leading. There is no evidence for the Globalist Spin job we've all been sold that has not been discredited, and there are mountains of evidence earth does not move. The sun, moon, planets and stars rotate over and above us and are not millions of miles away. How do you see anything that is millions of miles away anyhow? Earth is not a plan-it... it is a realm.

Planets in space do behave like spheres and do appear to be rotating... i'll grant you that... no one is denying that. I don't know why earth would be the exception, but it does seem to be. Maybe because we are in a created realm that supports life... it does appear earth is a bio-sphere. We may be enclosed in a sphere, but we live on the flat part given the properties of water and the fact no curve has ever been seen, anywhere. Railroads, canals, bridges, etc. do not factor in curvature... this does not happen.

There are maths to calculate the distance of the sun if it is a spinning ball and other maths for a flat plane. Math is a tool to explain a thing, but math, in and of itself, does not prove the thing... so, maths is not a good argument. Please explain what keeps the perfect vacuum of space from sucking out all of earth's atmosphere. Please explain how the moon's lesser gravity can overpower earth's greater gravity to control the tides.

Wait a minute... did i just hear you say that in Australia, a compass would point to the ground if it were fully suspended in liquid? That would mean that, conversely, south would be pointing to the sky, wouldn't it? I would truly enjoy a further breakdown of that concept Charlie.

The one thing everyone who claims earth is a spinny ball lacks is a credible argument.