Saturday, November 12, 2016

Circus Maximus with Nick Spero 2016.11.11

Trevor LaBonte – Battling on the Info Front

Nick Spero speaks with Trevor LaBonte of The Ugly Truth about his personal history and experiences with Gilad Atzmon, the difference between Judaism and the other two Abrahamic religions, exposing 9/11, different opinions on Sandy Hook, whether or not Trump might be real opposition, and much more.

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Samuel Sang said...

Those interested in the sandy hoax bits jump to 44:00 for Trevor's take. That is assuming this Mami's mp3 is the same as hosted at the ren show page, where you'll also find reader comments. Sadly Trevor proclaims his alignment official SH story shills Keith Johnstein & Anonymous-CW-Wade on the subject. That bit only lasts a couple mins. Top of hour 2 Nick politely shares his disagreement re SH. At 1h 37m a caller tells Trevor not to get close to KJ & Wade coz they're toxic. KHunt joins at 1h 50m and also shares his SH disagreement.

Samuel Sang said...

Best documentation/deconstruction of the DSpingola/MGlenn/KJohnson/CWWade/MCPiper & Co Sandy Hoax Re-Bunking Op that I’m aware of:

Samuel Sang said...

Heh, posted the exact same info above to the Whooli's entry for this same show; only changed the "Mami's" ref to "Whooli's". Just now checked it... poof, censored. Gone. He's still censoring comments to "protect Delphi-Deanna" lol :P

Roy Hobs said...

The simple fact that this guy is part of the anti-White Ugly Truth, is enough for me. Kick him and the likes of Mark Glenn to the curb!