Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Covert Report with Susan Lindauer 2016.11.12

Today’s guests, Scott Bennett and Michael Jay Anderson celebrate the election victory of President-Elect Trump. But the show’s dominated by demands for a Special Independent Prosecutor to conduct a thorough investigation of ALL Hillary Clinton’s crimes of corruption against the America people– including “pay to play” policy selling in exchange for cash donations to the Clinton Foundation,and outright thievery from the Pentagon budgets! WARNING: This Show contains graphic adult language. See, Trump’s DEVOTED SUPPORTER and YOUR BELOVED HOST was one of the victims of Hillary’s thievery! No crocodile tears from Soros’ paid recruits off Craigslist, or stormy tears from Millennial anarchists burning American flags will sway us! Hillary must pay for crimes– just like any other citizen!

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1melahat said...

@40:00 Lindaner-"Rudy Guliani is one of the good guys, he did not have advanced knowledge on 9/11". LOL!

Antzon 777 said...

@ 1melahat holy shit. can't believe she said that. wow!

zapoper said...

How about what she said about Hillary @ 52:12 " I would get a gun and kill her " LOL

If she goes after the Clintons, she's gonna need a whole lot more than a gun for protection, not to mention that they will probably threaten to kill her cats. lol

Seriously though, after what she's been through with these ass holes, I don't blame her for being enraged.