Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fourth Position # 221 - 2016.11.13


Host: WolfWallStreet/Bob in DC

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Fourth Position



ImperiumEuropa666 said...

While everyone else in the "Movement" is being hopeful about Trump, I see it exactly for what it is. The Jewish power structure saw how mad the white man was becoming through the internet and whatnot, and so it gave us Trump to shut us up; to make us stop striving toward Aryan Socialism and a real leader for the white working class. The Trump victory just co-opted the REAL struggle. My "fellow" racial comrades in America are beyond stupid, except for a very few. I never expected much out of them anyway. We need a pro-white Huey Long to save us. Not a goddamn mega-capitalist Donald Trump in bed with Jewry. Nothing will change.

WWS said...

Episode Notes: It's freer speech in Europe! Also, kikejew anti-truth laws, C-SPAM and their replacement are discussed. Lydia calls with advice: the phone number was not completely audible (215-7x6-5147). C-SPAM related links: (Mother Jones) - (Voted for Obongo) - (Kissinger stringer) - (Biden/Kennedy) - (Koch Industries). Music: Kenny Rogers, The Gambler. -- The game ain't over! --

WWS said...

@ ImperiumEuropa666 ... Did you listen to this show?

ImperiumEuropa666 said...

WWS: Yes I listened to it. The Trump effect will cause positive ripples outside of the U.S. I concede you that. But I doubt anything will change domestically for the AMERICAN white man. That's my opinion. So I guess we'll give it a year at least, and sit back and see if he actually does anything. That's all we can do. Afterall, WE do not possess any power over Trump himself. He is the one in government, not us. All we can do out here is what we've been doing all along: which is spreading the pro-white message.

WWS said...

Episode Notes UPDATE: Lydia calls with some advice and information ( "STOP TRUMP - Up to $1500/week" Call 267-606-5147).