Saturday, December 3, 2016

Insolvent Deutsche Bank Fraudsters - A litigation hypertext from


Apr 2008Banks accused of interest rate manipulation

"That's an interesting conspiracy theory but that doesn't happen" - David Nicholls of Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank trader Tom Hayes is pictured - now serving time for Libor manipulation

May 2011

'Conspiracy theorists' blame fall of silver price on precious metal price manipulation

12 Dec 2013BaFin announces investigation into Deutsche Bank for gold manipulation

Deutsche Bank resigns its seat from the London Bullion Market Association

Deutsche Bank threatened with a Frankfurt lawsuit

  • Deutsche Bank replies that it will investigate the claims in the threat
  • Deutsche Bank announces an internal gold manipulation audit
  • Deutsche Bank replies that it has investigated the claim in the threat and found the claim baseless
  • Deutsche Bank still telling the world it is investigating itelf
  • A lawsuit is undertaken in Frankfurt which exposes the duplicity of its audits and is served on Juergen Fitschen CEO of Deutsche Bank
  • Fitschen accused of fraud and perjury in the Koch lawsuit by Munich prosecutors.
  • Fitschen refuses to attend the hearing in Frankfurt. His written defence denies market manipulation. His defence never mentions the audits.

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