Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Entire Internet Will Be Archived In Canada to Protect It From Trump

As Donald Trump careens towards the Oval Office, promising jail time for flag-burners along the way, an organization that archives the internet for anyone to peruse aims to create a full backup in Canada in order to protect the digital library from censorship.

The Internet Archive is a US-based nonprofit that has been archiving the web for 20 years. So far, they’ve cataloged petabytes worth of web pages and claim to continue to archive 300 million new web pages each week. Their massive database allows the organization to run services like the Wayback Machine, which anyone can use to visit an archived version of most web pages, sometimes dating back years.

The group prefers to refer to itself as a kind of library, and as it noted in a blog post on Tuesday, “the history of libraries is one of loss,” whether through natural disaster or political regime change. With a potentially pro-censorship Trump regime looming, the Internet Archive isn’t taking any chances and is planning on opening an “Internet Archive of Canada” in the land of toques and Labatt brews. Digital information stored abroad wouldn’t be subject to US censorship laws.


Glooby Gloob said...

Backing it up in case of censorship in the land of "hate speech" laws? Not sure this is a good idea.

Flag-burning is different from what people look at on their computer at home- it is an act of public obscenity, not to mention hazardous.

On the Internet, Trump said there should be more regulation of porn so kids can't access which was an industry promise from the beginning that was never fulfilled...this is not censorship of the Internet.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Canada, my beloved misguided, liberal pit of Trudeau mania, doors open to every miscreant on the planet, is already loosening the regulations for Mexicans and planning on a big increase of Latinos on the West Coast. (I don`t even like TexMex) As if we have not already noticed that our Coast is now called `the gateway to Canada`over in China.

Canadians do not get American politics. Most have a carryover from the Brits where things are supposed to be polite and nice with no blood splatter. Baby finger in the air, settle things over tea and crumpets. Trump offends their sensibilities.... sigh.

He ... he... he... is not liberal. He is, although aged, more masculine than our current PM could ever be with his bare chest and curly hair and vacuous expressions. Canada is a liberal country. TO the point that we could eventually be as destroyed as Sweden, our sister country in the EU. Canadians are, on the whole, uncomfortable with strong male figures.....

Give these folks a year and they might calm down. I am still just glad Al Sharpton and Rosie ODonel are not coming up. Or Miley....