Tuesday, May 23, 2017

About the USS Liberty ETC

Most people that visit Mami's are Americans and this is for you guys:

I'm kind of sick of hearing that we need to support the troops. The said troops need to understand what they are doing is not for their country's interest but for the Jews in Telaviv and Washington DC.

Up here in Canada it doesn't change anything if I wake up a GI but it will if you do it in the US.

We have like 2 and a half boats, 4 and a quarter helicopter and 7 and a half submarine. We ain't gonna change shit but you Americans can.

P.S. I would not like to be in that half submarine. LOL


1776blues said...

Point well taken and so true Zap. Now pass that half sub if it's Italian or meatball sub!!

Tim said...

zap in a yellow submarine lololol

only support troops to DEFEND the country, inside the us, NOT outside the us for jewish wars

best to tell the gi's that

zapoper said...

LOL 1776

I am trying Tim.