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Monday, May 22, 2017

Being Alone Has A Power That Few People Understand

It just needed to be...


Erik Paul said...

Zap, are you a MGTOW?

zapoper said...

ROFL. I've been that way for a while. I still don't hate women though.

Urahara said...

For some reason this reminds me of Persona right now.

Tim said...

when renegade , sinead went on a rmapage attack against MGTOW, they went on an attack agaisnt its own listeners: renegades.

a renegade is a man who goes his own way (maybe later gets together with a woman)

so it heralded the makeover of renegade into femenade, the cult of sybill

as long as people don;t go all anglin hating women and blaming women over the top, mgtow is a sign of independence just saying

in todays society such independence is less valued by women which leads to mgtow