Saturday, July 1, 2017

Usury: A Cancer to the World


t brad said...

at least sharia law makes usury illegal

zapoper said...


Voltman said...

Usury is more than a cancer to the world: it is radioactive chemotherapy accompanied by forced weaponized vaccines and force-fed genetically modified garbage to the world...!!!

British PM Theresa May Pedophile Ring Cover-up Exposed
Prime Minister's ties to serial killer and pedophilia network revealed
Read more at:
© Neon Nettle


Dear Mother Theresa, most Canadians apparently believe that Canada belongs to the Queen of England. Every time I ask who owns this huge vacant piece of land here or that large expanse of wilderness over there, Canadians from coast to coast say it's Crown Land...!!!

Theresa, May I suggest another name for Canada?...:


My home and native land.

As a (kind of) free man on this New Found Land of O'Kanabec, I AM telling you, Theresa and the rest of your pedophiliac, psychopathic, perverted lonely hearts club band, to take your phony Queen of England, your Crown corporations and all your Citi of London banksters and shove them all the way up your stinking arse-nal!!!

Any questions?

Daniel Major
Land of the Free, pour toujours!!

ExposingZionistEvil said...

Is your moniker "Voltman", due to electric-shock-therapy?


Voltman said...

You might try some kind of electric shock therapy yourself if you want to increase your "potential"; I don't see you contributing much of anything here. Not much exposing of Zionist evil...

Ken O'Keefe exposes Zionist evil a lot better than you do!

He's great! We need more people like Ken who don't put up with any crap and who can verbally kick the shit out of these lying shitheads...

Hasta la Pasta

Daniel Major

Erik Paul said...


Voltman said...

Eric Paul, is this your real name?

Not that it matters to me, but if you call yourself Eric Paul, I will call you Eric Paul.

Ken O'Keefe calls himself Ken O'Keefe so... we call him Ken O'Keefe.

End of story.

Erik Paul said...

Obviously Voltman, you didn't get the joke...and its Erik not Eric.

Voltman said...

Erik, no I missed that one...sorry. I get it.

Here's one just for laughs: it's a comment I posted at Les Visible's website that I found quite funny...even if I do say so myself...<<>>
Comment #3

ExposingZionistEvil said...


"Les Visible" is ANOTHER literal lunatic, who was actually imprisoned in the lunatic-asylum/prison, at Bethesda, Maryland, I believe, in the 70's, as a "highly dangerous individual", or something-to-that-effect, so that explains the "birds-of-a-feather-flocking-together".

That really does explain everything.


Voltman said...


Well Mr. Evil Zionist Ex-poser...I'm really glad you now understand EVERYTHING!!

It's usually a painstaking enterprise to help someone understand anything, something, one or two things.

Les Visible is yet another excellent guy when it comes to exposing Zionist evil. He's great at it and has been doing it for a long time. He's a poet and I know it. You have a lot to learn from Les Visible and Ken O'Keefe when it comes to exposing Zionist evil. They are masters.

Can you please direct me to some of your own work on exposing Zionist evil?
Maybe I will have the immense satisfaction of finally understanding EVERYTHING!


ExposingZionistEvil said...

*LOL* *laughing seriously*

You *continues laughing* have never even SPOKEN with the man, much less have ANY CLUE!!! how much of a drug-crazed LUNATIC "Les Visible" is! *laughs* I have actually dealt with this fucking lunatic, and I am not sure which couple/several of his personalities with whom I was dealing, but it felt like I was dealing with a different person(ality), at-times, and then I found-out why it felt like that, in my research, I discovered that he is a stark-raving LUNATIC, whom was actually IMPRISONED IN A MAXIMUM-SECURITY LUNATIC-ASYLUM, IN BETHESDA, MARYLAND!!!!!!!!!! *continues laughing*

Jesus FUCKING Christ...

It is, absolutely, no wonder that we have failed, and our over-lords were ALWAYS assured of their victory against common-humanity...this is the best that we have on our side, huh?


NB: As for my work, almost all of his has been behind-the-scenes, but I have confronted some of the biggest names, in various venues, predominately dealing with the kabbal/cabal, and have reached LITERALLY over 2 million people, mainly on radio-program call-ins, but have reached several thousand, face-to-face, with various campaigns, usually involving handing-out fliers or CD's/DVD's, etc.

NBB: Here are my two most important public works: 1. The only vocal-narration of THE PROTOCOLS, in the world: It has been removed, MANY times, and, in-total, all of the iterations/videos that I could find, have equaled about 300,000 "Views", which are really "listens".

2. One of the most important essays, dealing with the big-picture, EVER-WRITTEN, STILL, to-this-day: AT LEAST one head-of-state of a major nation has personally read it, along with SEVERAL members-of-The-House and -of-The-Senate, along with journalists, activists, and other people-with-influence. To-this-day, it is THE most popular item on TheUglyTruth site, in-terms of "Votes" and "Views", and I have not promoted any of my work, in at least two years, now.

I have paid-my-dues, Fellow, and put-my-money-where-my-mouth-is, and that is pretty much the most important thing that you would ever need, or want, to know about me.

Have a nice day...


Erik Paul said...

Has anyone ever seen Lindsey and Negentropic at the same time? Just wonderin'...

1melahat said...

Ha! I was thinking the same thing.

Voltman said...

Lindsey said:

"It is, absolutely, no wonder that we have failed, and our over-lords were ALWAYS assured of their victory against common-humanity...this is the best that we have on our side, huh?"

For you to say that because of people like Les Visible (and probably Ken O'Keefe), "we have failed" is quite the stretch!!

Les Visible has been a tireless and passionate activist of the written word over the years. Ken O'Keefe is also a passionate and courageous activist who wastes nobody's time. And you have the audacity to blame "our failure" on people like that??!! Unbelievable!

There are hordes of ill-informed, willfully ignorant zombies out there that deserve to be chastised, but you pounce on Ken O'Keefe and Les Visible and me?

In your first comment to me on this page, you insinuated that there is something mentally wrong with me, as well... for what? You didn't even say why!
Then you decide that I must also be a "fucking lunatic" because I read posts from someone who you decided is a drug-crazed LUNATIC...etc...?

IF, "we" have failed as you say, maybe it's because of all the infighting and baseless rushes to condemn others who are simply doing what they can.

I find you rather arrogant and conceited.


P.S.: I did follow the links you provided and I read your article on the relationships between Zionists and Saudis and young Turks, etc... The article was good and I no longer suspect that you might have been a fake poser. I also think it was a good idea to narrate the protocols of Zion.

ExposingZionistEvil said...

Look, I have been involved in this movement from the beginning of its Renaissance, which was circa 2005, due to Mr. Daryl Smith Setters, AKA, Daryl Bradford Smith, and have seen more-than-enough to know-where-I-stand.

If people had, TRULY, listened to, and taken-seriously, Mr. Setters'/Smith's work, back in 2005, when he had begun his campaign to expose the zionists' control over our lives, and our collective-future, then we would be in a FAR, FAR better position, than we are, now, but NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE DID, and here we are...

That reality has really rubbed-me-the-wrong-way, and has influenced my feelings in a very negative way, and I can only say that I only deal with what I absolutely believe are the truths-as-they-are. We, the jew-wise and world-wise few, have allowed gutter-trash, operatives, literal lunatics, and the like, to INFEST this "movement", and cause us to get-our-hopes-up, ONLY TO HAVE THOSE HOPES, INEVITABLY, CRASH-DOWN-UPON-US.

I do apologize, Mr. Voltman, for my vitriol toward you, but I have extremely-strong feeling about "Les Visible", as he is NOT the man you believe him to be--NOT AT ALL. I have, personally, dealt with this guy, and he, honestly-to-God, is everything that I have said that he is, and much more.

I know that you do not know who, or what, I am, but I am someone who knows a great deal about the people involved in the various "movements", have as my life's-goal, to learn as much as I possibly can, about a number of macrocosmic issues, and to use that information to do what I can to change our current situation.


Steven Lovett said...

The only 'movement' I know I can trust and doesn't, as yet, let me down is my bowel movement.

As for a 'truth movement', well, there isn't such a thing. Truth is not a movement, truth IS. Truth doesn't cause confusion and all the in fighting we see between different 'truth movement' groups. Man does that.

As for Ken or whatever his name is, when he either refunds the money to those that donated or shows that the project is underway then I personally take him with caution, others can do as they wish.