Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Rae West In Conversation with Frank McManus September 24th 2017

[1] Salt availability the main determinant of health

[2] We are what we digest, not eat

[3] Sodium is stored in bones - low sodium leaches it out

[4] No studies ever on chloride levels, though stomach hydrochloric acid is essential

[5] High salt countries healthier than low

Digestion and hydrochloric acid; alkalinity of the body; stomach as topologically outside; Japanese and other salt habits; animal husbandry; links with control of sodium, pH; blood pressure, indigestion industry, osteoporosis, cancer, dehydration, poor eyesight. McManus Hypothesis: public health improvements are due to salt availability. World campaigns against salt are wrong.


                                                         Rae West the Rerevisionist

A View from the Bog


rerevisionist said...

big-lies.org/salt/ is the written version; quite a bit of chemistry, though less than I remembered. Salt is interesting in being relatively simple to understand. It raises the issue: why and who are someone trying to damage health?

And I made a video with the same soundtrack, but, of course, with visual stuff. If you watch this, the count will go up, which will please both Frank and me.

SALT IN FOOD is ESSENTIAL 1 week ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZR-VktCWRk

rerevisionist said...


Unknown said...

Thanks dude, I always enjoy the topics you cover and your precision in discussing them. I've never looked at the nuke ungu-bungu since I came across your work. Last week there were stories of radioactive boars in Sweden that have been going strong since Chernobyl. Shouldn't cancer have killed them all long ago?

rerevisionist said...

Well - boars breed often enough that anything odd in the parents wouldn't get transmitted except maybe through milk. And 'radioactivity' is vague - could be something that slowly decays, with almost no effect. It's just more Jew-controlled press crap. My personal guess is that Jews, outside their expertise of group cohesion and plans to kill, are stupid and make ideal judges of press material, since if they don't understand it they assume goyim don't either.
I hadn't known how the comments work here; I wanted the Youtube to get hits, so the counter goes up. Sigh. This channel (Mami's shit / grizzom.blogspot.com has had a few thousand audio hits already, so youtube hits wwould be a boost. But there you go)

delcroix said...

I updated the post with the video Rae.
You should get a few extra hits there now .

Ohalahan said...

Listened to it three times .. great post!

Amanda said...

thanks for posting

rerevisionist said...

Delcroix - I'd be grateful if you'd look up your figures for hits some time, and let me know. No big deal really; but it would be nice to have some idea.
I fell out with Frank - he seems unable to stick to any point, and has so many ridiculous beliefs I just gave up. The big-lies.org/salt/ piece will have to be re-done. And I think the whole thing must be Jew-funded, which I'll have to investigate in not too much depth. Sigh.