Monday, October 9, 2017

The Graham Hart Show 2017.10.09

Guest: Brian aka Brizer

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Ohalahan said...

Great show Graham and Brizer! I thought your most important message was "don't engage." Agreed. I like the idea of "I don't answer questions" and Brizer's thoughts on "criminal or civil?" when confronted in a courtroom - we need more focus on simple concepts like these. Letting yourself get dragged into a courtroom is like letting yourself get dragged into a cage-fight with no fight skills. The answer? Don't get into the cage/court. Well done and thanks guys.

Unknown said...

Yup welcome back, have appreciated Hart for years. I've done all this stuff and done time in lockup only to be released without charge. Always return letters that don't show the sender - ie government offers - RTS NC (return to sender no contract).

The shit you have to put with is incredible but I never state my name I say, at best, some people call me that. I never answer police when they say "do you know why I've..." I say, no what am I a mind reader. Never answer a question directly but with a question "I'm sorry I don't understand what you, Im not a botanists I have no idea what plant this is, are you a botanist?"

Harmless non compliance is the only way to be free.