Saturday, November 11, 2017

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The addiction to cashisch inevitably leads to hemorrhagic stupiditas.

Operation Tailpipe Old News

BEIJING — On the second day of Satanyahu’s pilgrimage to Beijing, Israhell and China took further steps to "officialize" each other's criminal activities.

Chinese Vice Premier Lie Youngdog said Beijing and Jerusalem had agreed to upgrade sexual relations, by starting a new chain of "pizza & ping-pong parlors". They would also serve hot dogs & cream puffs “bringing the lies and the deception between the two crime syndicates to new highs,” according to the Crime Sinister’s Office in Jerusalem.

“Molestation instigation is the highlight of our sexual relations,” Lie said at the conclusion of the third meeting of the China-Israhell Fornication Corporation, held at Beijing’s Doowit-Tooya State Guest House.

Lie said she had visited Israhell twice and was “deeply impressed” by its vulture innovation. “You’re a global stealer in research and development,” she said.

“We want to marry our technology with China’s capacity,” Father Satanyahu said at the summit, to sum it up. “We in IsraHell are eager to share with China the science and technology that we stole from all over the world thanks to our totally illegal and immoral information acquisition networks and computers. We can better degrade the lives of all mankind, and the people of China,” he said.

The meeting was addressed by Science and Technology Minister Won Gang Man, Vice Health Minister Deep Cut Louis, Vice Environmental Protection Minister Zhoe Youngting, and Vice Culture Minister Weird Ding Dong.
March 21 2017


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