Saturday, November 11, 2017

Our next war for the Jews: Iran

Truthstream Media
Published on Nov 7, 2017


Unknown said...

I buy that, f$&king Zionist scum! We should turn Brooklyn into a glass parking lot

Negentropic said...

They already own Iran's leaders and have since they put Khomeini in to take over from the Shah who had committed the unspeakable sin of biting the elite Jew hand that fed through the USA and the CIA. The proof is in Iran's bullshit nook program and even more bullshit and laughable "space program." They have double-digit inflation of sometimes over 25% a year for 37 straight years but they have a "space program" (big time Jew scam; the word NASA means deception in Hebrew)and "nook program" (another gigantic Jew scam, almost every last important person involved in the nook scam from Oppenheimer and Einstein on down was a Talmud-&-Torah-bred usury-advocating Jew baby)too? Get the fuck outta here!

The same proof can be applied to Putin and other clowns falsely pretending to be "pro-white" and "pro-christian" with a Jew-beanie on their heads to bait two factions of gullible goyim birds in (white nationalists and christian multi-culturalist anti-Judaics like Mark Glenn) to the same stone.

If they were really "for real," why are they pushing such gigantic lies, which are obviously lies to any intelligent person who has done any research into the Moon-Landing and Nook-Weapon hoaxes, never mind ex-KGB commies like Putin. Of course a bit of a charade has to be put on by Jew-World-Media with Iran "sort-of" questioning 9-11 in a totally half-assed way and having a holohoax conference with clowns like Dukey Dave the ex-KKK symbolic trigger as soon as he shows his greasy face anywhere and that other shill Michael "Sandy Hook was real and John Friend and Jim Fetzer are responsible for giving me a heart attack by whupping my ass from all directions in all the Sandy Hoax debates that exposed what a fraud I am" Collins Piper (who also believed in the nuke scam of course, his entire JFK book, was based on the false premise that Israel had "real nukes" which is not true; Piper was either deliberately or through useful idiocy and useful egotism pushing the same massive fear-&-trauma mind-control of "nuke weapons" indirectly that the MSM has been pushing since 1945. JFK might have threatened to expose the Big Lie of "nukes" not being real, hence whacked or removed from center stage and told to go stand in the corner facing the wall, nobody knows what the fuck happened to JFK based on that doctored Jewpruder film) nobody has anything but regular bombs to fuck up your town, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the only two supposed Atom Bomb massacre sites, were both just fire-bombed like Dresden, Hamburg and other cities in Japan, not "doomsday weaponed" by Dr. Strangekike, lol).

In conclusion: Iran is only a threat to the Jews NOT BECAUSE they might develop fake Jew-scammed doomsday nukes but simply because they won't just roll over and take it when Israel decides to expand its land mass over all the Moslem lands of the Middle East in the same way that they did it to Palestine. The leaders are already in their pockets, it's the people that cause the problems, since there's a shit-ton of them, over 70 million I believe, currently living in Iran, and most of them are Moslems who do not like Israel at all, while not really suspecting their leaders to already be bent over and stuffing Netanyahu and Rothschild pecker.

Ohalahan said...

Thumbs-up Negen. Notice that this post has been blocked.

Negentropic said...

P.S. Islam itself being an Abrahamic reliigion is absolutely a mass brainwashing tool and psychological operation just like its polar opposite in the false dialectic: Christianity. However, in order to bait them to the hook of backwardsness through non-scientific and methodless be-leafs through poisoned t-root foundations, they had to give them total control over their women and save them from the poison of alcohol. Not having the dogpiss of alcohol in their system and full control over annoying and materialistic womb-men who might cause them too much anxiety, leaves their heads relatively clear and able to see that the Jews who shafted Palestine for 60 years straight and continue to do so, do not even remotely have their best interests at heart and must be resisted. The people have this attitude and that is the threat, not the few politicians on the shekelstein payrolls.

Negentropic said...

Yes, I didn't even notice that they sent it down the memory hole already. And the fact that it is blocked is just another ruse, to convince you that they really give a shit about the "threat" of Iran. They don't. They only want to go in there and take over without much resistance from the population itself, not the few Mullahs that are in power.

Negentropic said...

They basically lie 24 hours a day and if that doesn't stick they add a few "truths" as bait and lead you to where they lie some more. The entire Judaic strategy for world domination is based on "It's not what is true that matters but what is PERCEIVED to be true." They know the structure will crumble because they laid the false foundation themselves. The clearest logic on a cracked foundation will not keep your building standing for long. They know that. You, on the other hand, have been given the false media-programmed hope that it will. So they are waiting for the masses under their psychological ambush all the time and ready with the false solutions when the deliberately created problems (through false perceptions of reality) of crumbling structures produce the reactions they had always wanted, planned for and anticipated.

Negentropic said...

The "Matrix" (made-tricks) brought to you by those two degenerate trannies is the rat-maze and the alternative media sites looking for ways to escape the rat-race are the honeypots that tell them where the more intelligent dissenters are so they can keep tabs on them and anticipate their strategies of resistance. That's why the best strategies are the ones that can let you point to the parasites and laugh at them as a bunch of ridiculous douchebag clowns who couldn't tell you the "truth" if their lives depended on them. They could care less about "the truth," the "truth" to them is whatever lie which allows them to win at your expense. The "truth" is only important to the producer and creator engaged in the win-win dialectic of all see-will-I-zation (seeing your freewill in action) because with the truth you can erect solid foundations for solid gesellschafts that don't turn around and schaft you. lol It makes little difference to the win-lose because in the win-lose "wining by any means necessary" is all that matters. This is why I'm so against scoundrels in the alt-right who will use any lie, bite on any bait given to them (like Putin and Trump and the Islamic Sharia-Lawed "freedom fighters" of Iran) that superficially seems to support their agenda. A "win" gained by these dishonorable means is not to their benefit or anyone else's in the longer run but they're either too stupid or morally corrupt to understand it or care. Your means have to be worthy of your ends or you have accomplished nothing but a different version of the same win-lose and lower-level bamboozlement.

Negentropic said...

Three of the greatest quotes in the universe that should studied and referred back to daily by all "truthers" and wannabes in order to stay on the right track:

"False opinions are like false money, struck first of all by guilty men and thereafter circulated by honest people who perpetuate the crime without knowing what they are doing." -- Joseph de Maistre

“The individual’s adherence to his group is ' conscious' because he is aware of it and recognizes it, but it is ultimately involuntary because he is trapped in a dialectic and in a group that leads him unfailingly to his adherence. His adherence is also ‘intellectual’ because he can express his conviction clearly and logically, but it is not genuine because the information, the data, the reasoning, that have led him to adherence to the group were themselves deliberately falsified in order to lead him there.” ~ Jacques Ellul - “Propaganda, The Formation of Men's Attitudes"

It is quite natural that we should adopt a defensive and negative attitude towards every new opinion concerning something on which we have already an opinion of our own. For it forces its way as an enemy into the previously closed system of our own convictions, shatters the calm of mind we have attained through this system, demands renewed efforts of us and declares our former efforts to have been in vain. A truth which retrieves us from error is consequently to be compared with a physic, as much for its bitter and repellent taste as for the fact that it takes effect not at the moment it is imbibed but only some time afterwards.

Thus, if we see the individual obstinately clinging to his errors, with the mass of men it is even worse: once they have acquired an opinion, experience and instruction can labor for centuries against it and labor in vain. So that there exist certain universally popular and firmly accredited errors which countless numbers contentedly repeat every day. Most of these are repeated parrot fashion without much thought being given to them and merely because when people first heard them said they found them very wise-sounding.

What the pathetic commonplace heads with which the world is crammed really lack are two closely related faculties: that of forming judgements and that of producing ideas of their own. But these are lacking to a degree which he who is not one of them cannot easily conceive, so that he cannot easily conceive the dolefulness of their existence. It is this deficiency, however, which explains on one hand the poverty of the scribbling which in all nations passes itself off to its contemporaries as their literature, and on the other the fate that overtakes true and genuine men who appear among such people. All genuine thought and art is to a certain extent an attempt to put big heads on small people: so it is no wonder the attempt does not always come off.

Intellect is a magnitude of intensity, not a magnitude of extension: which is why in this respect one man can confidently take on ten thousand and a thousand fools do not make one wise man.”

~ Arthur Schopenhauer, “On Philosophy and the Intellect”

Negentropic said...

Not having any nookoolar weapons and the nuke-lies being exposed by people like Eric Dubay on Eddie Bravo's show with Kron Gracie (which is now slowly spilling over to Bravo's "best friend" Joe Shill Rogan's supposed 20 million podcast listeners) is also probably one of the main reasons that "weather weapons" were being given such a grand-poobah-motza-balls display these last few months. "We must keep the goyim in fear of their lives at whatever the cost" is their modus operandi. They would love to have the wet-dream of nuke weapons but that lie has already gone the way of the holohoax and the Moon-Landings haox and is spreading. Therefore, they have to aggravate storms with their greasy little hands to kill a few thousand people or leave them homeless and destitute. With the bullshit "suit-case nooks on 9-11" that Fetzer keeps pushing on 9-11 like some kind of retard (or agent) he is also, like Piper, his supposed opponent on Sandy Hook debates, pushing the fear-&-trauma based psychological control Alex Jones & his handlers love so much.

Erik Paul said...

I think Neg just have himself an enema. Feel better now Neg?

Ohalahan said...

I agree with that whole comment Negen, especially when it comes to not being able to figure out Fetzer. Thumbs-up again.

Negentropic said...

@Erik "Wet Fart" Paul

You think? lol Since when? Did you reverse your lobotomy or something?

Meanwhile Erik Paul strained his brain for a week and only had one line of wet fart to show for his "heroic" efforts to adhere to the bullshit Jew principle of "brevity is the soul of wit." What wit? lol Did I miss something? You just sound like some snot-nosed junior high school kid who never grew up but just went to Jew college to learn how to better rationalize laziness.

By the way, an enema or verbal diarreah CAN be your enemy when "your mouth writes a check your butt can't cash," to paraphrase from the cult flick "Dazed & Confused." If you CAN cash those checks though, it is an entirely different story.

Scorpio said...

Relax, Negen - I think he was just teasing you a bit.
You have to admit, that was a very long comment. - lol

Erik Paul said...

Gosh, I really didn't mean to hurt his feelings. It was just in good fun. He's obviously a smart guy but apparently very sensitive sorta like Linthey.

I was hoping he'd get the point that most people don't appreciate those excessively long and ponderous posts...and don't read them either.

Scorpio said...

Personally, I don't have time to read a wall of text.
While I appreciate everyone's input (who is not a troll), I don't have 30 minutes to read someone's post.
Brevity is the soul of wit.