Wednesday, August 22, 2018

March for Our Lives DVD EXTRA: Alternate Speech Ending


Zeebra said...

wow, thx zap! :~)

now, for "shadowban-watch", note that YT still reports it has 920 views. I encourage peeps to watch it AT JOOTUBE,
and notice the "# Views" -- do you believe it?!

Try tweeting it- just add this to your tweet:

FB, wherever-- does anyone view or comment about it?? Creator @Carpedonktum has 19.6k twatter followers; he tweeted it out back in March, as did I... but it only has 920 views?! damn gun grabbing jooz!

Here's animated .gif version,

Zeebra said...

^ oops, just noticed it was Ogster who posted, so THX OG!

you see, my pony in this race is, I suggested the meme to @Carpedonktum, who followed through & created it... only to then have all the joo soc media platforms snuff it out.

"Social Media – Criminal Syndicates?"

Zeebra said...

Just checked, "1,018 views" now. That's 98 more than when the vid was posted here yest.

+ ~98 views sounds plausible-- hmmm, not sure what to make of that now. Maybe YT SB'd the vid for a limited time, just while Hogg was hot?

Did anyone try tweeting it, FBing etc, & assess visibility?