Sunday, August 5, 2018

Scorpio Conspiracy Show - August 2018

Topics include:
1)  Cautionary tale of belief systems
2)  American mythos
3)  Occult tour of Washington DC
4)  Marathon MSM chimp-out and Trump
5)  Ties that bind the cryptocracy
6)  Extended Freemasonry Rant

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Erik Paul said...

Great show Scorp! Very well produced. I liked the suspense in the intro song and the background music was a nice touch. The sound was very good after you entered your missile silo although the sound in the beginning walk was fine (can you reveal your approximate location).

Your take on the mix of subjects was interesting but my ears perked up when you got to JFK. Not to nitpick but Prouty was across the International Dateline in New Zealand, not in Iceland. If you talk about this topic in the future, and I hope you do, be forewarned--I'll be looking for nits because I've been studying this event for over fifty years!

So all in all you did an excellent job and I hope you keep it up. Cheers!

Scorpio said...

@EP - thanks for the correction and insightful comments.
Maybe you might be up for an interview on JFK in the future...If so, PM me.
It's one of my fav subjects because almost every aspect of conspiracy intersects therein.