Sunday, August 5, 2018

This is What Fake News Looks Like


1776blues said...

I wonder if PJW would include the video of him denying Jewish control as fake news?

1776blues said...

I should have included the youtube link.

Voltman said...

You shouldn't be posting such videos!
This is extremely dangerous to our democrazy!
Please stop this dangerous posting now or I will report you to the ADL, the SPLC, B'Nai Brith and the JDL, to name but a few.

You are endangering our precious freedumb and democrazy!

I won't be able to sleep tonight because of this extreme danger to our hippocracy!

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1776blues said...

@Voltman Hahahaha

Ross said...

Check out the woman in a purple dress on the right at 1:04. She looks like she's about to burst into tears just thinking about fake news!