Tuesday, September 11, 2018

911 Truth 17 years Later with Christopher Bollyn 2018.09.10


Zeebra said...

great interview; layman's language & not overly long (38 mins).

Adam Green's Know More News channel:

Adam posted 2 hrs ago; still not (((bonafide))) via YT throttling but give it time. 15 mins: "9/11 Truth Street Interviews w/ Know More News"

thx for ur work on this zap, cheers!

WWS said...

Extensive intelligence dossier on Christopher Bollyn:


Comments by Michel Collins Piper included.

Please peruse before deciding to reject it.

Zeebra said...

Bollyn's side of their little feud,

Piper was a closet gay; lived his adult life in a "little apartment" in Gay DC; never married no kids; died of alcoholism @55yo.

Flipped on us re Sandy Hoax Truth, & went full Swamp Propaganda Organ.

WWS said...

Zeebra, caught by the Piper hook, did not 'peruse':


Around 1981, Christopher Bollyn was based in California. He had two convictions for theft out of California, and an assault charge. In 1983, Bollyn married Bosmat Merimsky, a Jewish Israeli who worked in military intelligence at Herzliya, Israel. ... A search by maiden name showed that Merimsky was associated with an address in Santa Monica, within three miles of the Rand Corporation, and within a mile of a Chabad Lubavitch synagogue. The marriage lasted two years and Bollyn, in an interview with David Duke, described it as a "marriage of convenience". For a three-minute audio clip of Christopher Bollyn talking about his first wife Bosmat, click here:


and: http://www.takeourworldback.com/mp3/BollynOnHenderReBosmat.mp3

There's much more at that entire page.

The most telling thing about Bollyn is that he is a self-admitted 'Royal', being related to the Tudor line through Anne Boleyn.

WASP (and fellow traveler) elites have used, and worked with, Jews and their ilk for ages -- working against the best interests of their own people (or supposedly their own people). They have lost their top-dog power to the Jew and want it back.

Operatives like Christopher Bollyn can traverse the world unscathed while bashing Jews because there is still enough WASP power left to enable them to do so.

Problem One - the Jew - is Enemy Two.
Enemy ONE is our Collaborator Elite !!

Zeebra said...

WWS: I'm unmoved by Bollyn's 20s events now 30-40-whatever years ago, nor his "royal lineage" which didn't keep him from getting beaten & tazed by thug coppers; nor his 2 year marriage to a 'suspicious' jooowess while in his 20s, nor even his time on an israeli kibbutz.

All I've seen from him since around ~'05 when I first found him, have been good things.

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

It's the "Zionists", not the Jews. LMFAO!

Read the Torah. All the answers are there. Yes, it is the Jews Christopher. The problems in the world are much bigger than "Zionists", they all rise from Judea, Inc., and that truth will continue to rise. Bolyn is a dangerous Shill - Kind of like Alex Jonestein with lipstick on. MCP knew it.

Regarding Sandy Hook and the Hookers, I suggested that they go dig up a few kids in SH with their heads shot off, since there are no kids in the graves it will not be illegal. Now the hookers hate me. :) MCP knew the truth. There's too many in the truth movement that don't.

zapoper said...

For now, Bollyn is saying the right things. If he is doing it to sell us a big lie later on, I like to think that we will be smart enough to detect it.

zapoper said...

Just for laughs