Saturday, January 19, 2019

LIVE: IX Yellow vest protest against Macron’s policies “Paris is ours” (fizzling out my ass)


zapoper said...

Canadians and Americans would never have the balls to do this. They are brain dead and love their slavery.

Voltman said...

A European Spring - Brendan O'Neill

"Europeans are in revolt against the political and moral order and it’s wonderful."

"There are now millions of people across Europe who want to re-establish the ideals of nationhood, of national sovereignty and popular democracy, against what we might view as the neo-monarchical structures of 21st century technocracy. The sustained gilets jaunes revolts in France capture this well. Here we have an increasingly monarchical ruler – the aloof, self-styled Jupiterian presidency of Emmanuel Macron – being challenged week in, week out by people who want greater say and greater national independence."

Brendan O’Neill – Russia Insider Dec 22, 2018


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Les Gilets Jaunes de La Révolution Française

Voltman said...

zapoper said...

"Canadians and Americans would never have the balls to do this. They are brain dead and love their slavery."

I agree, they're real surrender monkeys...

"What has the world come to when a talking cat gives better news coverage than ANY major "news" outlet?

Why The Yellow Vest Protests Are Spreading

Don Damore said...

camaraderie noun [ U ]
us ​ /ˌkɑm·əˈrɑ·də·ri/

a friendly feeling toward people with whom you share an experience or with whom you work:

A French word for French people. I see a lot of that camaraderie taking place here.

John Miller said...

Yes, but all those french 'comrades' believe in the HOLOHOAX,....they hate those that don't!!