Saturday, January 19, 2019

Thom Yorke AKA mini Kyle (vegan too)


Tummy said...

Creepy is someone who whines about people exposing the crimes of pedos, and doesn't even have the cohones to leave their own comment up for all to see...that's creepy
we both know this what will happen to this comment

zapoper said...

I never delete comments unless it is obvious trolling.

TheFetch said...

"Creepy": a word commonly used by the foul mouth nitwit who cackles along with Kyle. What type of moron has to use the word "creepy" all the time, anyways?

Oh wait. This oughta work: it is creepy to have to use the word creepy all the time.

Those who have to use that word a lot are involving themselves with or are into some pretty sick environments. The word does not find usage in ones language, otherwise.

Linda said...

A lot of us are forced to live in sick environments, getting more dangerous for us every day. Look in the mirror to see the nitwit and stop the personal attacks on each other. I can fast forward through the weather report, the cat report, the recipes and the diet advice and can get to the parts that interest me. Stop whining, NO ONE is perfect BUT TOGETHER WE ARE GREAT.

Tummy said...

Then why did you remove your own comment that started all this mess? The comment that basically said Kyle shouldn't be doing a show exposing pedo criminals, because it's Christmas time. Were you trolling your own blog? Or did you realize it was in bad taste after the fact? I hope it's the latter.

Tummy said...

Fetch, I used the word creepy in response to the video posted which seems to infer that Kyle is a creep, get it?

Tummy said...

Well said Linda, all sides should cool it.

Tummy said...

PS: Fetch, have you never heard the phrase creepy joe biden? I use that phrase often on websites when his name arises as do many other people, so perhaps Sinead (I'm not her) uses it a lot because she deals with tough subjects, the kind creepy joe is involved with?

Tim said...

a schoolgirl uses the word creepy all the time............ (personality disorder)

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