Saturday, February 9, 2019

Protester with a trumpet plays the Imperial March of Star Wars as #Macron Stormtroopers pass by during #ActeXII


Scorpio said...

That's hilarious! Should be used anytime there is a massive show of force of Police.

The Ogster said...

background music every time macron shows up

Zeebra said...

that twitter link

opens a vid on how Trump can't remember people's names... nothing about Macron/Imperial March. Just me?

Voltman said...

The cold wind is howling from the west
But I've got my glowing yellow vest
The trumpet is blowing out in jest
As the robots are put to the test

Obey the brute to get your pay
And sell your soul along the way
Go, Go Johnny go go go
Go! Johnny B. Goon

- Voltman

With bass and drums playing tight
The sax offender steps into the light
The crowd goes wild and city council goes broke
Tax payers have lawyers to waste money and time
Sax player has Blockheads and we all had a real good time...
All except the shitheads from City Hall.

Santa Claus came to town and blew his horn for free
Santa Claus came to town and blew everyone away

- Voltman

Scandal: An Impoverished Labour Council spent £136.000 to stop me from playing sax and got Santa Claus instead.

February 02, 2019 / Gilad Atzmon


"We are under daily attack by Organized Evil, the Principle of Death and Destruction. This is confirmed by

1. The gratuitous attack on gender, marriage and family
2. The total abdication of journalistic principles by the media and its transformation into a propaganda machine
3. The unprecedented invasion of foreigners financed by our tax dollars
4. The normalization of sexual debauchery.
5. The emergence of the lunatic Left from the Satanist-Communist closet.
6. Abortion to the moment of live birth = satanic child sacrifice.
7. Corporations promoting gender and racial "diversity" and miscegenation. All singing from the same songbook.
8. Trump's ratcheting up of nuclear war tensions consistent with Jewish armageddon prophecies.

Although we are demoralized, we need to mobilize."
- Henry Makow

Don't Succumb to Illuminati Death Wish