Sunday, March 17, 2019

Dear Google

Give me back My gmail account. I'm starting to get real pissed off at your moronic behavior. There is nothing suspicious about my activity. I've been cleaning my windows OS for years and changing my ip too without any problems. In the last month, I've had to change my password 9 times. I'm using two browsers now. Get over it!

I am not a child and do not need your so called protection which is just an excuse to spy on us regular folks. While you guys are at it, bring back the superb algorithm that you once had. The last time I checked, Canadians and Americans were not under a totalitarian regime or am I wrong about that?

Pretending that you have 75 000 000 results on a search and only giving us access to 340 of those which are all MSM propaganda sites, needs to stop!

We can all see through your bullshit out here in the real world.

Cut It Off!


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Anonymous said...

yea, they got mine too...for the 27th worries...keep you see, none of us has any choice in the matter. we will not surrend to the stinking jew...
hey really did it this time...yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mother fuckers