Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Israeli lunar spacecraft “Beresheet"

That does not look fake at all. LOL


Ross said...

Thunderbirds are go! Here's some secret footage of the Israeli space programme.

coincidenceskeptic said...

Congrats Americans...you get to pay for yet another fake mission to the Moon. And, why not? I mean, you have paid for almost everything to date or will be paying later. Because for all the great claims made by the Soviets, they still could not feed their people. And, with all the great claims made by our politicians about fighting commies, they had no problem providing them with the grain they needed. Both governments were kept in power to control the masses and plunder resources. Btw remember all the money America loaned out for WWII? Well, Finland is the only country to have paid that money back. Britain finally paid us a couple of years back...for WWI! And, WTF are we doing giving Israel money. Israel is a fiefdom of the richest people in the world! Every penny we give them is returned in laughter...at us. So...what financed the 20th century? the 97% of the US dollar that was inflated away from 1913 to now. The hidden tax that hurts the poorest the hardest, decimates the middle class in their golden years, and wreaks havoc all over the world. Yet, less than one in a thousand men have been distracted from this realization. The most basic foundational aspect of modern existence involves transactions...in a unit with variable...usually declining....value. Distracted by an endless stream of fake news and fear porn. Hoping the next actor they elect from the preselected passengers of the political clown car will represent them. But hey. Progress. Israelis get to join the club of those who have arrived through faking the thing that everybody thought was insane less than 100 years ago. Like I said. Progress.