Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Truth About Ilhan Omar, AIPAC, & Dual Loyalty


TheBlackZionist said...

"I can't believe the nerve of this goy. #adamgreen, you are going to debate me whether you like it or not!" #MazelTov

Al-lat said...

NO, YOU have the nerve! ANd we're NOT goys, you, ass!
I invite you to leave the U.S, and go where your heart makes you happy.
Just LEAVE and stop causing trouble for we, non-jews (Thank God!)

I don't like this woman, and despise islam, but this woman is RIGHT!

We ALL are allowed to criticize anyone we want, including isra-hell.
We don't want the U.S. to become like the rest of the West, which prohibits criticism of isra-hell!

Bless the 1st Amendment

Dennis Fetcho said...

I listened to the first 20 minutes of this - and don't find anything objectionable to Adam's message. Sure, he appeared out of nowhere, but nothing he said here has not been too covered on ITEL quite some time ago.

The more people getting this out is fine with me.

I would like to know how he can put all this together though...I don't have the time to find and edit all this together.

Alan said...

Omar is playing her role in the Jewish political theatre. She is a Jewish tool just like the rest of them. She's as anti-Semitic as Max Blumenthal, Norman Finklestein and Miko Peled - all of which will scream "anti-Semite!" at you if you dare to question the official Holocaust narrative or point out the Jewish domination of the media, but who are absolutely scathing of the state of Israel. Anti-Zionism is just as dominated by Jews as any mainstream political movement is. They are using criticism of Israel for their own advantage, to promote far-left politicians. An example of this is Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, who was recruited for labour leadership by orthodox Jew Jon Lansman. With this Omar woman we are all supposed to leap to her defence and praise her for her bravery! The Jews are building up this woman to play a prominent role in US politics. It's so transparent.

Alan said...

I expose the Jews every day. So far no trending hashtag on twitter. Funny that.

Bill Bolwell said...

Keep religion out of politics and government. Let the people be free to live as they want. I do not want to be ruled by only one point of view whether it be Jews, Christians, Vegans, Buddhists, Martians, etc

Bill Bolwell said...

Look at countries where religions rule, they can be very harsh, it is not just the Jews, power corrupts.

Alan said...

Fanatical demented Talmudists rule everywhere in the world today. We're all being run by one point of view. They have taken power because, unlike normal people, they have no moral limitations on the way they treat those outside of their tribe. Their "religion" teaches that Gentiles are beasts in human form and are worthy of no consideration whatever. Talmud teaches that murder, rape, enslavement, theft, lying and all manner of crimes are completely proper when committed against non-Jews. We need to focus on Jews because it's this group which is deliberately destroying our civilisation and race because they see themselves as the rightful rulers of the world.