Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Yang Gang

"Trump Trump, he's our man, if he can't do it... Yang can. Yang Yang, he's our man, if he can't do it...well, we'll just wait around forever until some other Shabbos Goy can."

"Trump failed us. The system didn't. It's those damn boomers, I tell you. It's all their fault. Boomers and White women are to blame."


Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

This site is leaps and bounds ahead of all others in figuring "shit" out with what's really going on in DC - They've pointed out something here that's been missed by all the "Fetzer's" in the movement.

BillAustralia said...

Trump may have conned us from the start that he is going to end the wars, fix the federal reserve, and investigate 911 honestly , or he may be being blackmailed. What ever the reason he is war mongering too.

Voltman said...

I'm only 20 minutes into the video and this guy is inspired.
He is a realist and I find myself agreeing with him so far.

Great find Zapop!

The fact that the Shitstream Media (SM) and other retarded "liberals" and "democrats" are always on Trump's back is no reason to support the impotent goof. All he does is occasionally blurt out something that's obviously true even to a 12-year old nerd. These hypocritical and less than useless blatherers don't even attack Trump for the right reasons!! And there are plenty of good reasons! What a sick bunch of unacceptable monsters!

If you don't mind, I will let John Kaminsky finish this comment of mine, since he expresses my opinion so perfectly. I have bookmarked this last article from John Kaminsky in the section I labeled "Greatest of the Greats".

Ladies, gentlemen, undecided and undetermined,

Let me proudly introduce John Kaminsky:

"Thank you.

The American people have been reduced to quantifiable pawns in a corrupt electoral system. They can expect only cynical gimmicks and no actual beneficial services from the people who control this process, because the purpose of the process is to fleece those it controls.

As a result, the American republic has degenerated into a viciously obscene game show in which those who support the ruthless policies of its corrupt leaders will reap their modest share of kickback largesse and those who oppose these actions for their lack of truthfulness, honor and justice will be ruthlessly punished or eliminated."

Zero chance for freedom in Game Show America

The American Satanic Royalty, the Chicago Bathhouse Twins and the Promise of Salvation that Awaits.
Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Voltman said...


"Never forget that the moment you realize you are wrong, you can become right."

That's pretty funny somehow...<<>>

"We are the crown of creation."

Spoken like a true Leo...

"Surely you have heard that death and every other fearful specter has been defeated by a higher love?"

I've heard something like that a few times. I notice that lots of good people are defeated by this system designed to fleece them, and severely limit their ability to realize their potential. The insanity of the Greedy Bunch has led to ecocide, genocide, the death and suffering of countless animals and humans.

"I am not being hyperbolic. If anything, I am understating the case."

Hasta la pasta,

"A realist...or pessimist if you must"...
The Yang Gang

Voltman said...


I thought I was posting the above comment at Les Visible's site...
It's getting late, I should be in bed...
Bye bye..