Friday, April 26, 2019

Detained for “Wrong-Think”: Canadian Border Guards Seize Books from Monika Schaefer

Upon returning from the United States of America on 24 April 2019, I was detained by the Canadian Border Guards in the Calgary airport for three hours.

Three Border Guards spent those hours perusing through my possessions, especially the books that I was carrying in my small suitcase. They were looking for “hate propaganda”.


Voltman said...

People will pretend to believe anything if they’re given enough money but really…..They should buy their own books if they want to find out if there’s hate propaganda in them.

And if they’re looking for hate propaganda, all they have to do is check out the Talmud or turn on the television and listen to Shitstream Media create support for wars for israel for example. They should also check out Internet giants like Joogle and JouTube and see the hate they are generating by censoring anybody who refuses to buy their crap. Plenty of hate everywhere, yet they’re detaining and stealing from polite and respectful little old ladies who like to expand their knowledge by reading interesting books that are devoid of hate propaganda in comparison to Hollywood productions, for example.

They might bring in teams of specialists in the detection of hate propaganda to go over these books with magnifying glass and microscope with specially designed algorithms that quickly zoom in on hate propaganda thereby allowing our respected authorities to crackdown on hate altogether and finally usher in the long awaited reign of the zewish Moschiach messiah from the pits of israHell.

Voltman said...

Hey! Hoarder Guards!
Looking for hate propaganda?

Check out the Talmud or turn on the boob-tube
Listen to the hatebeat coming from the boobus
Waging War for israel and acting like a doofus
Joogle Twatter Apple JouTube facegook quite atrocious

They bring in teams of specialists
Steal your books if you're on their lists
They waste your time while gettin` paid
They act like swine, think they got it made

Internet spies spreading all their lies
See the hate they generate by censoring our guys
Big time lying criminals should head for the confessionals
Their crimes are known to those who care
They leave their traces everywhere