Friday, August 16, 2019

The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2019.08.16

James Henry Fetzer (born December 6, 1940) is a philosopher of science and conspiracy theorist. Since the late 1970s, Fetzer has worked on assessing and clarifying the forms and foundations of scientific explanation, probability in science, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of cognitive science, especially artificial intelligence and computer science.

Today: Guest, Dennis Cimino (FFS Jim is an idiot)...Who the fuck was taking pictures? Start at 34minutes. AT LAST SOMEONE IS SAYING THE TRUTH.
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Panzerfaust said...

Fantastic 2nd hour. Mir (?) in all her good hearted self, and I agree totally with her appreciation for nature spiritually, perfectly illustrates the church lady/televangelist psyop that plays out in these Trump MAGA rallies. I WANT TO BELIEVE HE WANTS TO HELP AMERICA...get it through your fucking skull he's a lying, manipulative, EVIL PIECE OF SHIT

zapoper said...

mer as in merbailey

John Miller said...

"The American people... don't care , are stupid...."
Which ONES ?
The South American Americans
The Chinese Americans
The Korean Americans
The Mexican Americans
The African Americans
The Somalian Americans
The Jew Americans
The Vietnamese Americans
The Japanese Americans
Its a dog eat dog country....

Panzerfaust said...

"Jewanon" lol.
What really burns me up about Dump is the purposeful linkage of loyalty to the foreign power of Israel as a prerequisite for loyalty to America. It's the same mental trick Fox News pulls on it's audience. Trump's reelection chairman is Michael Glassner, the Former AIPAC and NY/NJ Port Authority executive who pushed through the WTC lease for Larry Silverstein.

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...


Trump does speak in code and I'm afraid you just can't grab that. Maybe you're still watching too much deceptive JMSM??? Nevertheless, listen to this at 49:30. Trump is addressing Turning Point. A group of young Americans that want to steer America in the right direction. It reminds me of the late Great Adolf Hitler as he addressed young Germans promoting goodness, strength, spirit, and the love for Germany and their citizens. If Trump was in the joooos pockets for real, he would never ever say what he did in this presentation. Anyway, please listen to Trump refer to jews as "evil jews" out of his own mouth. Thanks Panzerfaust.

Tez said...

@ Bartholomew Beauregard.
I just watched the link you posted and at 49.30 the bleached blonde bombshell is stating what he claims Gabbard,Cortez and co.are saying,not his opinion. If you're going to claim there's no fire then at least airbrush the flames out of the photos you show. If you're still on the Trump train at this stage then short of suggesting drinking gasoline and lighting a cigar i can't think how to help you. I did hear that behind the scenes Batman and Superman are teaming up with Q to overthrow the filth though so all may not be lost.
P.S. If you could post your dealers contact number it would be useful. I've been trying to quit crack,but if i could get the quality of shit you're obviously smoking i may reconsider.Thanks in advance.T

Amanda said...

following up on Jim's comment about the Philadelphia police chief saying something about the Philadelphia bad guy having a cache of weapons, I thought it was kind of interesting that on my local news here out of NYC, last week they gave us a story about some NYC plastic surgeon being found with a huge arsenal of weapons after maybe he was at a bar or bragging to someone. Then a day or so later, they told us another story out of Norwalk CT about another guy with a huge stash of weapons. Kind of reminded me of the Aurora Batman shooting, when they told us that guy also had a huge stash of weapons at his apartment, but of course when know that shooting was another fake and nobody died, since there were no drops of blood anywhere on the seats in that theater

Tez said...

@ Bartholomew P.P.S. The purpose of code is to convey messages to those you wish to inform,whilst hiding the message from those you don't wish to.If Trump is the only one who understands the code then it's a pointless exercise and if the code is understood by the average Joe and not the security services/jews/enemies of the people then it's some fucking code.Maybe you could post the cypher for the less educated among us?

KnownUnknown said...

Jew Anon is right.

Still waiting for:

FISA declass
50,000 sealed indictments
NXIVM trials to deliver anything
Gitmo to be filled with Hillary & co
Rod Rosenstein and crew to be investigated
Obama to be exposed.

And on and on. Trump is a fraud and QAnon is a psyop.