January 30, 2020

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2020.01.27

Brizer's guests: James Perloff and Dennis Wise who came in  near the end of the show.

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Albert said...

Mommy? -- Am I a jew?

Why do you Ask, Dear?

I was Sacrificing some of the school-KIDS to Satan, in our basement, and some of Them, Hatefully: CALLED Me That!

Oy Vey !!! ;-)

KnownUnknown said...

"mommy am i a jew?"

I've been teaching you to hate and gaslight the goy all your life - what do you think?

Oy vey!

Albert said...

My 30 years younger Nephew "wants" to "marry" a ni88er !

-- No Joke :-(

I already TOLD him that That's ADULTERY !

And after two-weeks of not-talking-to-me he came-Up-with the Following, to "Shame" me:

"I was a little concerned of what you said about me marrying an African person.
I think Europeans and Africans are just as valuable human beings and thus compatible in marriage would you disagree?"

I messengered him ONLY this "boatsinker"-Meme: https://www.boatsinker.online/2020/01/25/kung-flugaloo/

And then TODAY I just Listened-to THIS GRAPHIC MUST-HEAR description of: "Different"-"People's": "Eating-Customs" !!! ;-)


🌝 πŸŒš πŸŒž

Brizer said...

@Albert. Thanks for your comments but could you please stop blinding us all with (((brackets))) and (((BLOCK CAPITALS))) and maybe...just maybe you could put together a coherent form of communication (((SMALL CAPS WORK BEST))). We're all getting a bit dizzy and getting VERY SERIOUSLY pissed off trying to read whatever point you trying to put across. Many thanks though for your contributions though and (((FEEL FREE TO CONTINUE)) and (((AND MAY THE ROAD RISE WITH YOU))). Just make it easier on our eyes (((OK?)))

KnownUnknown said...


Mate Albert reserves his right to post as he wishes...

KnownUnknown said...

Who are you to tell him to stop because you find it offensive? The fucking plod?

KnownUnknown said...

BTW Albert, im not dizzy bro. Keep on keeping on

Brizer said...

I never (((DEMANDED))) that Albert should stop commenting and I never said his comments were OFFENSIVE. I just kindly asked him to stop using (((ALL CAPS IN BRACKETS EVERY SECOND WORD))) Its doing my fuckin head in man and I think I speak for many others on here. By all means Albert, reserve all rights. You do make some very good points but small caps make it so much easier on the eye and the brain Ok?? Thanks.

@Knownunknown....I'm sure Albert can speak for himself (((BRACKETS ALL CAPS AND ALL))) so go away and think of a better name to give yourself (((GOBSHITE MAYBE??))) and stop making false accusations.

Albert said...

"I reserve all rights!" "Am I free-to-go?!"

(I just Listened to Graham's 1:33:13 talk ;-)


"I reserve all rights to my words, and grammatical-presentations!" ;-)

I think that some folks are still a bit butt-hurt ...

because Alan's "official" name is now: BUTT-HOLE !!! ;-)

On my above comment: on my Nephew's strange (((brain-contaminated-compulsion))):

I have pretty-well convinced myself to TRY my best to NOT say anything-More: To "trigger" him: to really really WILLFULLY "marry" a ni88er!

-- I would LIKE to TRY to dissuade him from such a retarded/christarded FOOLISH "course-of-action" ... but "stubbornness" "runs" in our Family! ;-)

... and IF I was to Stubbornly-BE: so "blunt" in my frankness, so as to almost-Compel him, due to his "ego", or whatever, to end-up-(down!) in such an abominable-position ... THEN I really would be being the very-OPPOSITE-of-someone-who-Cares-about-Him! :-(

(Catch-22 / Catch-666)
Unfortunately, Nowadays, the "etiquette" is to "simply" NEVER Tell our Family the simple-Honest-TRUTH: Which almost-NO-ONE for Their WHOLE-LIVES will Honestly-KINDLY Tell them !!!
(((TV))) and (((state-schools))) Have FULL-Sanction to Non-Stop: PUSH the Most Disgusting-Filth upon our Family-Members ... But WE "must" remain-silent! -- Lest we "show" ourselves to be "bigoted" "ray-cysts"!

(I GREATLY-REGRET My-Father never CLEARLY TELLING Me the Plain-Honest-TRUTH ... and My-Mother: Cruelly "compelling" Me, in Her Repulsive-Sourness, to "Stay" on a very-Foolish Course!)

-- "Because they did-Not LOVE the TRUTH, they Perished!"

Yes! In a SENSE Folks ALREADY in-their-Hearts "Know" the TRUTH (and "don't care to HEAR/Listen-to it!) -- Hence Their "ANGER" at our "Frankness"!

-- But I DON'T BLAME: our-naive-childlike-Folks for "Consenting" / "Contracting" ...

--> I BLAME the jews! --> The (((evil-shits))) (((who))) non-stop (((push))) (((their))) EVIL-Murderous-CRAP !!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

Brizer said...

Clearly my message has not got through to Albert. I did try guys. Any other takers? LOL

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...


I don't blame you a bit for noticing that it's the (((JEWS))), or KIKES (as I like to refer to the parasites), that are the true CRIMINALS on PLANET EARTH. YOU'RE Right!! - However dear brother and fellow "truth teller", it's the Gentiles/Goyim's fault for their continued falling for the lies, deceptions, and shell game tricks played so well by the KIKES against The REST. Over 2,000 years ago we were warned about Satan's (((Spawn))) and have let them live on with their continued deceptions for all that/this TIME. The TIME is CLOSE for the GOY to finally STAND UP against THE EVIL BASTARDS, the LIES, FILTH, and DECEPTION. Will People wake up in time, or will they be Bolshevik'd to death by the Jew Kikes AGAIN? TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE @ THIS POINT. BE WELL and GOD SPEED!

Brizer said...

@KnownUnknown So you accuse me of being offensive not to you but to Albert (which I was not) and here you are behaving like a jew middleman and being offensive to me. Get back to the synagogue man. Bye!

KnownUnknown said...

Fuck the chews

KnownUnknown said...

@chainswa wot? Be more douchey

KnownUnknown said...

Sorry chainy it was brizer who sparked up....

I didn't accuse you anything of other than being a prick to Albert.

You're welcome

Liam said...

Are we addicted to confrontation?
Who, who benefits from arguments?
Are these comments sections an extension of social media?

Social media toxicity at a conference

Does it keep us in perpetual childhood?
Given the average age of computer / video game player is 35.

All to the palm-rubbers delight, No?

Asskickfilms said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Asskickfilms said...

Seems like we are Liam. Anyways, I'm done with jewbashing per se' because they are not the problem. We are. The tribe are loving all this divide and conquer stuff. Sure, I will carry on listening to The Fetch etc, and we will continue to rip the piss and talk of them on our show for entertainment and information purposes; but that's it.

Time to "Man up" and truly 'reserve all of our God given rights' using the information I've put out there. It came from the very top and I'm only the messenger ( and the guinea pig! ) Either grow a pair or continue to be the opposite. "Man down", which is where you all are now. All rights reserved.

Albert said...

I have been Physically-Broken (due to one of (((their))) "vaccines"?) since quite-young ...

Most of my "teachers" despised me partly for Having "Strong-Opinions" and partly for Asking "annoying"-questions!

My "PE"-"teachers" ESPECIALLY-Hated me, for literally sitting-on-the-sidelines (Asthma!)

My Parents kicked-me-out ...

--> For more than a year I have been Enjoying and LEARNING from "Brutus" and his British-etc-Friends, in Their "Pub-Talk-"BANTER"!
(If you want to Find "Brutus" on YouTube he is currently: "Brutus the Insane", with 914 subscribers. [he's been YouTube "erased" 5-times!)

The Gandhi thing is: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

--> I DON'T "mind" when: as-YET: "mis/un-informed" WHITES "Hate" our TRUTH-Message!
----> I LITERALLY: LOVE My WHITE-"Brothers"+"Sisters" !!!
------- I LITERALLY LOVE Their "Guts" and the WHITE-Children They (CAN)-Have ... THEY are our FUTURE and LITERALLY ALL that Matters!

Chinese somewhat "respect" us, maybe because they respect our Following ORDER, and Accomplishing World-Changing GREAT-Feats !!! -- Like NO others have even TRIED to DO! ;-)

Our "war Like" NATURE, and how we ULTIMATELY + Intrinsically LOVE-the-TRUTH [(((their))) "clever"-"Brainwashing" is RAPIDLY evaporating, with the Light-of-TRUTH! -- MOST Folks are "Followers", which is ULTIMATELY a "Good"-thing!] is WHY (((they))) sooo GREATLY Fear and Despise us!

--> The White-Man, is "Friendly" (It is our "civic-Culture" towards STRANGERS in common-life!) ... UNTIL He is NOT !!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) :-)
(Due to ((("brainwashing"))) MANY of our People Do-NOT YET realise just" how VERY "Foreign" and Ultimately-HOSTILE Are: the (((parasites))) and "Invaders"!)

I LOVE: Our WHITE People !!!
-- Of Course I Really LOVE: Brizer!
-- I appreciate "KnownUnknown" for "Sticking-Up" for Me !!! ;-)
-- I DON'T "mind" our WHITE-People Thinking that I'm "crazy" !!! ;-)

--> I "just" WANT soooo much: For Us to COLLECTIVELY: WAKE-UP to the DIRE-TRUTH ... and "Become WELL" !!!
(ie: "Remove": the (((parasites))) and "Invaders" from Their Incursion -positions ...

And BEGIN: OUR Step-by-Step (Re)-BUILDING: What Really REALLY TRULY MATTERS: A TRULY "Sustainable" Wonderful WHITE-World !!! :-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

BREW said...

Careful. He may, 'turn you in'. Its what they're teaching, encouraging and rewarding.

Adrian Chetwynd said...

@ Brizer
Denis has done lot's of fantastic work in the past, but I now refer to him as: "Denis the Catholic Menace".
Did you hear him insult you for not being a Catholic? I'm sure that you did.
Did you hear him talk about the "Devil deniers"? I'm sure that you did.
So here is who invented the "Devil":http://www.renegadetribune.com/devil-worship-of-the-ancient-hebrews/

A couple of years ago, Denis was adamant that Putin is a good guy, but that isn't true: Pt 1 https://www.bitchute.com/video/eBkizFMueSKt/

Ref James; does he really not know that the official world population of his fathers race is understated by very very considerable quantity? As in there are at least 15 times more that is claimed...

Adrian Chetwynd said...

James claims to believe that Jesus really existed, so I shall not be wasting any of my money to buy his new book on the subject of 9/11.

Adrian Chetwynd said...

This video could one day be a classic, but it needs cutting short to the point just before Dennis the Catholic Menace steps in.

(My apologies to "Dennis" for my previous missing spelling of his fake name)

Adrian Chetwynd said...

Bloody hell, I cannot even spell "miss" properly!
As in; "missing spelling".

Adrian Chetwynd said...

Google this:
Vigilante Intelligence BitChute Will Vladimir Putin save the world?

Max Smart said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Max Smart said...

Only a jew denies the Father. Take that however you want. Be it a jew by race, jew by religion, jew between the ears.

Chains said...

@ Liam ,There are people who like to discuss things and there are people who don't. I won't make any judgments if you don't. Since you did, I'll let you know that I like to read what others think. It often helps and sometimes ads another dimension that may have been ignored. This cozy little community of malcontents is a great place to have an opinion! LOL

@KnownUnknown LOL you want to argue with me when i haven't even entered the thread yet ya old fuck! LOL

I have yet to hear a single jew denounce the Talmud. Has anyone else? They rejected Christ and so God and Christianity and so most of us, yet they make their living off us. So yeah it is our fault. How do we get our banks back? our legal system? our political system? Anyway, how do we bring the unwashed masses up to speed? Its not going to happen! LOL, sorry there I go being a cynic again. Im afraid I'll just stick to my hobbies. I have alienated enough people in my life over these issues in the last 13 years LOL I'm open to suggestions though!!

Holly Woodrow said...

Judaism teaches us that faith and religion is a bunch of BS.the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing us that Jews are people too the Jew is someone who steals your watch and wants to sell it back to you.I'm a Roman Catholic and like the Roman I hated the Christians because they were Jews that were causing revolution mischief rabble-rousing creating dissent in the ranks of the empire all because they didn't want to pay their fair share of taxes

Chains said...

Ha yeah we have a lot of the roman system running through our system today albeit more on the occult side . Anyone who thinks slavery was abolished is a fool.Maybe you'd like to see a full return to the Roman system Holly? :) wow...

KnownUnknown said...

@chainy i know buddy but in my defence i didn't just run with it or delete the comment - i corrected myself.

I don't expect to give me credit for that but i will point it out none the less

Captain Ahab said...

I got your back Brizer!

There use to be a guy under the moniker 'protocols are true' who use to post in a similar manner at 'Incogman' and an old site that went down about 10yrs ago titled 'NewsfromtheWest'who had a similar approach and redundancy and it was annoying as hell. Rules of grammar went out the window with this guy! There's nothing wrong with a periodic deviation in style, but to have it be your signature imprint- no thanks!

RickB said...

Also thanking Brizer for asking Albert to communicate normal legible English.