Saturday, September 19, 2020

One Radio Network - Thomas Renz

Thomas Renz – COVID: Major case filed against the State of Ohio for restricting freedom without legitimate justification

Why is Mr. Renz suing the State of Ohio? He gives us the details

Lockdown vs house arrest; they have become indistinguishable

What might justify serious actions imposed upon the public by the government?

What will Mr. Renz need to show a jury during this trial?

Reviewing the REAL numbers

Not a single scientist has been able to provide documentation that masks prevent viral spread

Mr. Renz believes in the court system and believes that if he can get a fair trial, he and his team will win

When will this case go to court?

Even the inventor of the PCR test said it’s not good for diagnosis

We either have a Constitution or we don’t

Freedom is the one thing we all need to come together on; this is NOT a left vs right issue


Liam said...

Horrors of Vaccination - 1920

This is from 55 years ago;
"In any emergency, panic-mongering is a much more serious crime than looting, and it should be dealt with as promptly."

I recall some folk's attitude towards looters. Do any agree the panic-mongers deserve similar?

Sure we all have a constitution with all unalienable rights, willing surrendered for benefits and privileges of living with SIN, SSN, TFN, IRN, DID etc in all crown colonies, yes USA too. Well, the benefits and privileges can be withdrawn and we are left with duties and obligations. No mention of love, compassion or men or women.

We 'ask' the court and 'hope' it will listen, but courts make rulings because they are rulers. Your vote is not much beyond a further contract in Equity.

Chainsawmillerman said...

Two words Liam my brother , Constructive fraud.

Chainsawmillerman said...

Interesting links Liam thanks.

Liam said...

Not much is new, but alot has been concealed.

And the maxim, Chainsaw;

"Let he who is deceived, be deceived".

Federal Court of Canada sure has a 'hidden in plain sight' coat-of-arms, and a tall tale of explanation.

It is not a DID in UK, but a NIN.
Do any other countries, other than US, require tax to be paid by their citizens when not even residents?

Zeebra said...

Jon Rappoport interviewed this Thomas Renz "Ohio Stands Up" lawyer dude Sat, hosted by C.A.Fitts' The Solari Report - 67 mins:

Covid-19: Ohio Stands Up - Jon Rappoport Interviews Attorney Tom Renz