Saturday, September 19, 2020

Powers & Principalities: Episode 169

BillyBob said...

I love Tim and his shows, but have always been skeptical of Joe Atwill - since his Jan Irvin days, so this post about "Joseph Elton Atwill" is quite illuminating:
For over 168 episodes Joe Atwill has told us about "The Evil Oligarchs", and the "Evil Masons" who control our world. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Joe was one of the Oligarchs?
He is! Joe claims that his $$ comes from him being into bits and bytes and starting two companies with as Joe refers to him: The legendary IBM programmer David Ferguson!
Funny that Joe never mentions David Ferguson is his Uncle, that comes out in a court case! Joe never mentions that his Grandmother is Hollywood scriptwriter and crime novel writer Craig Rice, and his Great Grandmother is Mary Randolph Craig - who proudly states on her passport that John Randolph from Virginia is her dad. Joe is from one of the oldest Oligarch's in America, Amazon features over 40 books on the Randolph's of Virginia. This is where Joe's wealth comes from.
Joe rags on Bill Gates having a silver spoon in his mouth, His Ungle David Ferguson and Joe Atwill were born with a silver shovel in their mouths. Joe must have had a ball laughing at us all these 168 episodes. His family are called the "Adam & Eve" of Virginia! Thomas Jefferson has Randolph Blood, Peyton Randolph was front and center in our Constitution, and setting up the oldest Masonic Hall in continuous use in the United States. Joe is NOT what he claims to be, his a Brat of the Oligarchs, so hearing him lambasting them is pretty damn funny, don't you think?


scottydog said...

Yeah, never mention zog either. Shill.

Harry McFudd said...

Well that explains his weak response to something I emailed him over. He did respond. I suggest we all shit bomb his email address. It's posted on one of his web sites.

scott said...

Joe has mentioned his family history over the years. So he comes from money. Who better to have direct experience of the oligarchs then one who has lived amongst them? My father worked for RAND and Northrop. Does that make me MIC shill? If Tim Kelly didn't think Atwill was authentic and sincere why would he partner with him? What kind of unsubstantiated little slander is this post? Also Billy Bob is obviously a reputable critic as he provides so many verifiable sources for his claims! Give me a break. BILLY BOB. Really?????

Panzerfaust said...

I've found Joe annoying from time to time when he goes Alex Jonestein on Nazis but this was a good showm

Chainsawmillerman said...

I think it's a very good show. That being said, there is nothing wrong with knowing the backgrounds of people in the so called truth community. Billy Bob's comments were his.I too have heard Joe talk about his family history but I think it was his wife's family as I remember and I can't remember the details but as I remember she was from a historically elitist family also.
I do agree that guilt by association is not proof of anything, but its just good to keep in mind. So much of the truth community has to keep turning out content and sometimes that in itself can be problematic. As of late though there is no problem finding good content in the mess things are in. I reposted his post when i posted this show so that their could be some discussion. I do agree with scott and it's not proof of any wrong doing on Joe's part and I find their shows excellent, for the most part. Timothy can tell you some pretty grim stuff with a cheerful and upbeat delivery LOL

BillyBob said...

Joe started this by claiming that David Icke came from $$ ( never confirmed by myles Mathis as joe claims) - Joe says this makes David Icke NOT credible!

That's when I got curious about Joe's lineage!

I have posted the names of Joe's dead relatives, not wanting to dox his living loved ones! You ask for proof - I'm not doing your genealogical research for you! The post at Tim's site lists Joe's dead lineage!

Joe has Never claimed that he came from a monied family - he has always claimed that his riches came from his brain - which created the Software company ASNA, which joe claims he started with David Ferguson - never mentioned that David is his Uncle!

Some here might be amazed that Joe's lineage includes his maternal great grandfather being Harry Moschiem Bosco Craig - one of the tribe, but forget that:.

Let's take Joe at his word and look at the company ASNA, the company he founded with his uncle: Their $$$$ windfall came when ASNA was sold to Blue Phoenix Software - located in TelAviv - Bluephoenix's parent company sells software to The IDF - for processing Palestinians, and damn near every US. police force, they are now heavily into Contact Tracing!

(More on this in days to come)

So far, Joe's legacy includes:. A Satanic book about Jesus being a Hoax, making all Christianity bogus, He's totally lied to us about who he is - and now we know his software is being used to enslave us, pretty good work for a very rich Oligarch brat!

Panzerfaust said...

Well since I was in the US Army during the first Gulf War which means I fought for Israel and my father was an executive on the McDonnell Douglas F-15 project, the aircraft that Israel has used to kill Palestinians, that means what?