Monday, January 14, 2013

Current Issues with Hesham Tillawi Jan 13, 2013

The kookery of the various Sandy Hook conspiracy theories and how it is being exploited by the JMSM to label all ‘truthers’ as crazies. Great interview with Hesham Tillawi, Michael Collins Piper and Mark Glenn.





TorBaker said...

Thanks, sounds interessting enough! Haven`t listened to "Dr." Tillawi for some time now.

1776blues said...

Last week I think, Dr Tillawi made the comment while discussing Sandy Hook, that the no Government has the right to prevent parents from seeing their child's body. That was a naive comment and either shows his ignorance or his fantasy on trusting the Government. If they can take a child from parents based on flimsy evidence or no evidence then they can prevent them from seeing their child's body!

Lindsey said...

Tillawi is the rudest host in the REAL truth-movement, bar-none.


Lindsey said...

NB: Take a look at the comments at Mark's site...


Anonymous said...

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Lindsey said...

Jared Taylor is a zionist, in case you did not know. I confronted him on RBN, I believe that it was either on Harris' show or Roddin's show, and showed him to be a zionist scum-bag.

Are people simply not aware, or are they IN-DENIAL about this guy?


Lugh said...

Jared is there as a stage 2 to the forced immigration problem. While I don't agree with the rhetoric that we should all be one happy family.. the Talorite response is definately the wrong route.
And if we are going to work together, the liberal response is doomed to failure as well. Part of the reason there is so much black-on-white here and muslim-on-white crime in Europe is that the media and culture protrays a white man as a bitch and that people of color as noble. This creates the schism of what we have today. We need both European pride (not so much supremicism) and and willingness to work with the others races, or we won't get anywhere. This is why they framed the two as two extremist sides.. because we won't get anywhere without both.

Lindsey said...

I agree, Lugh. Basically, Jared is to America what Geert is to The Netherlands, except Jared is not a politician.

They are basically the same in their beliefs, especially as it relates to israHell.


Anonymous said...

I found this comment from "patty" over at the uglytruth site and I completely agree w/it and wanted to share it with others over here:

Bravo Dr. Fetzer. You did an excellent job despite the hostile circumstances and I totally agree that whatever happened at Sandy Hook, it’s sole purpose as a psychological operation is to disarm the American people beginning with the semi-automatic weapons which the govt. calls “assault weapons”.

I was disappointed by the ridiculous reasoning presented by Tillawi/Piper/Glenn. They seemed to argue that no one should question or pose alternative theories regarding the latest false flag attacks on the American psyche, at least not on any mainstream forum, lest the mainstream make the entire truth movement into a bunch of kooks and that this would do irreparable damage to the 9/11 movement. This is truly idiotic logic.

First, who cares about anything the Jew media says. They are the kooks who disseminate only Jew/Govt lies and propaganda to further a sinister agenda. Any lie exposed will be ridiculed by them–Holohoax, 9/11, OKC, USS Liberty, JFK assassination, Pearl Harbor, Adolf Hitler, etc. Jim Fetzer did a great thing by using MSM to alert people there are other ways to look at the events of our day. Only those with ears to hear will hear.

Second, Tillawi kept on stupidly saying “But there are no facts, only questions and theories”. After 9/11 and the “Holocaust” we were also not privy to hard-core evidence about what really happened. This extends to all historical lies. The inquiry begins with looking at all the inconsistencies and improbabilities in the official story and the lack of evidence to support the official story except for ” the govt/authorities told me so”. The official Sandy Hook story has so many holes in it that it unravels right before our very eyes. Go to to hear her 2 radio shows on Sandy Hook, Sandy Hook Parts 1 and 2. Part 1 has 2 very interesting guests.


Anonymous said...

RBN has a compelling two and a half minute video about Sandy Hook under VIDEOS which
shows the putative TV news out take of so-in-so Parker talking about the death of his daughter Emily at Sandy Hook.
"Absolute Proof Sandy Hook was Staged"
What is the mainstream explanation for this disturbing video? Is it a fraud video?

Lindsey said...

From now on, why don't you--and everyone else--please include a link to said video(s) or site(s), please?


Anonymous said...

On the "parents not allowed to see the bodies" issue, I searched for reports of "open casket" at memorials, and there are several. But alas, NO IMAGES, and no family interviews discussing. I know I know, morbid, but... we see plenty of that already with graphic [often Palestinian children] bodies from the M.E. Okay maybe it's we who follow the alt-media who see that, coz the joozmedia censors it from their loyal flock. Anyways here's some stories which contain reports of "open casket",

These ^ picture-less, first-hand-account-less, "open casket" stories are also offset by conflicting stories like,

Lauren Rousseau, Teacher Killed In Newtown Shooting, Mourned By Canadian Family

where we read:
Her Canadian-born father, Gilles Rousseau, told Radio-Canada that he wanted to see his daughter's body but was informed by authorities that it would not be possible.
"They told me, 'You can't see (the body),'" Gilles Rousseau told Radio-Canada, the French-language CBC. "Because most people he shot, it was two or three shots in the face, point-blank."

So they had these open caskets of 6 year olds shot multiple times in the face? And not a word about it from the supposed funeral attendees?

Sorry, but I still say, SHOW ME!

Anonymous said...

Fuck Glenn

Fuck Tillawi


Fuck Piper too

3 fucking plane-hugging retards who probably think this cartoon:

is a fucking plane LOL

or this cartoon:

is a 'plane-shaped hole' in a building

It's only to be expected that long-time plane-hugging / Islamic-fundamentalist-loving fucking retards like these three would take the Jew media's word for the 100% conclusively proven Sandy Hook Psy-Op:

"These events, it's hard not to see them as being completely interconnected and done for political reasons. And a lot of times we don't even know if they really happened or what's the case ? Because you just read it through a lie on the media !" - Kyle

"Too much of what people perceive to be reality, they have absolutely no first-hand knowledge of. So quit just jumping to conclusions based on what you hear on the media. Because what do you really know ? You don't know anything but what they just told you !" - Dennis Fetcho