Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Call of the Ancestors with Siegfried 2013.02.05

Siegfried will be exploring the changes within Amerikan society (subtle and not so subtle), who and what caused it, and who and what will be inheriting it. Please call in with your own experiences within the age-old multikult empire known as Uncle Sam Schlomo!

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Anonymous said...

Seigfried, you are not qualified to comment on Bill Finck's presentation.

You might want to look into the mirror and try to make an honest self assessment.

So, you've conducted more and better "research" than Finck? LOL

Yeah, right.

Is it good for White People? Is is good for White Children?

Figure it out fool.

Anonymous said...

It makes people who follow it fuggin lunatics and it makes people associated with people who follow it look like lunatics in the eyes of regular people.
So yes, it's worse for white people then just about anything else.

Siegfried said...

Anon is right. Seigfried is a bitch. Do a debate show on blowgtwalkradio, loser.

zapoper said...

Great! Are we going for another record number of endless and meaningless comments about CI and shit?

What a bunch of losers.

Unknown said...

It is amazing how you guys are so much into European culture and praise the jew jeezus. I Guess Grizzom blogspot is just another bible study class after all.

Anonymous said...

Siegfried, didn't listen to ur show yet, but due to negative comments, I will comment on it later. ho, ho, ho
U guys have to learn how to figure some things out. Jeff Rense is now endorsing on his radio show Mike Delaney's Missing Links movie.
U have Gordon Duff attacking, his VT board appointee rense going other way & Delaney the innocent, this is your 3 shell 3 con men street game.

Anonymous said...

If we ban anyone from here can it be that guy who just posted above me who spams about holograms in every post

Anonymous said...

me just trying to inject facts into truth movement
Once again, you guys got the most of it wrong.
this was 1 of Siegfried's best shows.
I officially endorse Siegfried show as being sincere, although young & dumb.
Siegfried won the best of the young & dumb when Fetch had flicker of accuracy & that show was excellently accurate.
Captain BeefHeart I have most of his vinyl albums.
& almost all of the music Siegfried selects is excellent,
which makes me question how many real germans are really involved in this movement when you seem to dislike someone like Siegfried who at least manifests many of the positive German characteristics

Pas said...

Great Show!

Siegfriend covered very interesting topics and the callers where very good and made great points.

Btw. a Slavic composer I like is Prokovief.The ''Dance of the knights'' from ''Romeo & Juliet'' is bad ass imo.You do requests Sieg?

Thanks Siegfried and Zap for posting.Greetings from Holland.

Anonymous said...

this magic trick is going to make u so mad, u going to butthurt crying to celtic rebel torahicle
gordon duff works for CIA
jeff rense CIA asset

CI say they are real Israelite
CI say real father is Adam
CI real CIA