Tuesday, February 5, 2013

David Duke Show 2013.02.05

Today: Dr. David Duke and Kevin MacDonald. Dr. Duke begins by discussing the roots of the Khazar theory and then shows how a new study proves powerfully a whole set of lies the Zionists made up about Palestinians. For years the Jewish run media has claimed that Palestinians have anti-Semitic textbooks, now a new study actually sponsored by the pro-Israel U.S. Dept. of State shows that it is Israel that has far more hateful images of Palestinians than vice-versa. Then Dr. MacDonald joins the discussion on the the new study and then goes deeply into the so-called Khazar theory and why the theory is untrue and is perhaps and attempt to say that any evil done by Israel or Zionism is from these "non-Jewish" Jews.

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Anonymous said...

Jew-sus what a greasy motherfucker !! Does he really grow that beard white to be Mr. White but dye his gay hair at the same time so that he still looks relatively young ? Got to keep that shit in balance, just white enough and old enough not to be a total old fart. lol

Park73 said...

The "hair" is not dyed. He has friends in the wig business and he gets a great price on this particular type rug. He would be wise to choose one with more gray, but his ego tells him he looks a little cuter without.

Image is everything to the Duke. You should see him at a dice table with a couple of women strapped on each arm. This guy can shake and bake em.