Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spingola Special 2013.02.05

J. Bruce Campbell, talks about Gun Control in Teton (or your) County. Machine gun fire from military helicopters, Miami Fl.; Fire on American Citizens?; Anti gun people can NOT defeat this video; Murder Statistics for the World; Secret Drone Killings of Americans

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Anonymous said...

JB Campbell, the only real solution to the jewish issue.

Deanna is amazing. Such a great warrior.

Anonymous said...

That was a great interview.

FYI, there is a planned 2nd Amendment Rights rally happening this Friday on the 8th in many State Capitals.

You can check online for who is doing what in your State.

If you can make it to one of those events - that would be great.

Derek Wellington said...

This corporate criminal empire would become a wonderful Country if we could simply replace all three branches of the present govt with these two characters of character.

Deanna, you and Mr Campbell need to go to Washington DC and demand the keys to what is left of this corporate dump. Just start a caravan of RV's and watch what happens. By the time you get to DC the entire place will clog up from traffic. No movement. This would be good. A big wrench in the gears.

Great show. Thanks to both of you.

Anonymous said...


Two of the best in this fight, very intelligent and informed. Saying what must be said. Drawing a line an encouraging you to do same.

Yet, only 3 responses??? !!!!

What's wrong with this place?

BLUEYEDEVIL14/88 said...

http://www.idahostatejournal.com/members/article_ab614fe6-6f69-11e2-b77d-0019bb2963f4.htmlDRIGGS — If they come for your guns without a warrant, they’d better be ready to die.
With gun owners increasingly jittery over myriad proposed gun control laws some perceive will eventually disarm them, some are gearing up to fight.
JB Campbell, who organized an anti-gun control rally at the Driggs Senior Center Friday night, told the full house that gun confiscation is an act of war against the people.
“Anyone who’s hoping there’s a safe, legal and peaceful way to hold on to his guns is going to be disappointed. Gun control is about who is going to run this country — us or the foreign gangsters, “ said Campbell, founder of the modern militia movement.
Campbell said the “rabid dogs” in the Obama administration and the “international gangsters” of the United Nations, Communist China, the Israel lobby and the Mexican drug cartels want ordinary American citizens disarmed.
“They mean to enslave all of us and kill some of us,” he said. “We’re going to have to fight back sooner or later, regardless of whom it pleases or displeases. It’s either fight or start waving the white flag and I doubt that anyone in here is ever going to wave the white flag. Nope, we’ll fight it out and see who wins. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be us.”
By us, Campbell meant ordinary citizens, who account for some 300 million-400 million firearms in America. That massive number of guns is the only thing standing in the way of “a declaration of a totalitarian dictatorship by the Obama administration.”
Campbelll said confiscation is treason, and attempts at confiscation will receive the death penalty.
“The best cure for official, warrantless home invasions is about five rounds of buckshot zinging down the hallway as they storm in, screaming obscenities and pounding on the walls,” he said.
According to Campbell, “there is no doubt” many police departments are encouraged to brutalize civilians.
“The list of American terrorism around the world is too long for this meeting,” Campbell said. “Many of us have suspected that our military men and women have been trained in Iraq and Afghanistan to brutalize civilians there, as a prelude to do the same to civilians over here.”
“I have faith in the USA,” said Teton County Sheriff Tony Liford, later in the meeting. Just because something is on the Internet doesn’t make it true, he said, and he defends everyone’s right to their own opinions. But he told Campbell and the audience that he “doesn’t have the same cynical view as other folks about this country.”
“I’ll tell you this, sir,” Liford said, “your statements are frightening, and I am speechless.”
Tony Goe, who worked a career that included helping develop Intelligence business processes for the Defense Intelligence Agency and working with Joint Special Operations, said he’d “rather have those people [the military] by my side than anybody else when the feces hits the fan over this gun control thing.”
Goe said the people who will cause the most threat “are the people … who don’t have. I’m more afraid of the people coming after our food and after our [resources] than the government coming after our guns.”
Goe said he believes ordinary citizens should have the right to carry weapons of personal and self defense equal to that allowed to the military.
“Do not come for my guns,” said Kitchener Head. “When they take the guns away from the people they turn the people into slaves. If they came for my guns, and I gave them to them, I would be the biggest coward that ever lived. When I die, it will not be as a slave, and it will not be as a coward.”
Liford, who was a New York City cop earlier in his career, said he doesn’t require those seeking concealed-weapon permits in Teton County to take any kind of class or instruction prior to issuing that permit.
At the meeting, Liford read the proclamation from the National Sheriffs’ Association, which supports the rights conferred by the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

BLUEYEDEVIL14/88 said...

The proclamation says, in part, that “the causes of violence must be addressed on many fronts, including improving mental health treatment, media violence, drugs, gangs, breakdown of the family, strengthening the laws that prevent or reduce the access of legally-prohibited persons to firearms and vigorous enforcement of existing laws.”
Sheriffs “strongly support our citizens’ protected right to bear arms under the Second Amendment,” the proclamation says, “and the NSA does not support any laws that deprive any citizen of the right provided under the Constitutional bill of rights.”
Idaho is a right-to-carry state, said Liford, and “you can’t legislate lunacy.”
Campbell said he started the modern militia movement in 1989. He is the author of “The New American Man - A Call to Arms.”

BLUEYEDEVIL14/88 said...

I would be great if we could show our support for Mr.Campbell on the comment section on the article posted above.The writers name is Levy,just in case you needed more reason to do so.

Anonymous said...


NYcopIsrahellTrained said...

I wonder how many jewish ex-NY cops are playing Sheriff out West? How about jewish ex-cops from Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago playing Sheriff out West? These parasites have their parasitic fingers in EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can get our Country back by having all the big sewer cities in the East supplying the Counties in the West jewish ex-cops. Yeah. Just what we need. This is one job that jews should be banned from; same with the medical field and MANY others.

Lindsey said...

Mr. JB Campbell has just made it very clear that there is no gray-area as far as the attempted "Bolshevik-style take-over" of America is concerned, and what it will mean if they succeed, especially in taking the guns.

These people were "in-shock" and "speechless" because they fucking knew that Mr. JB Campbell was absolutely right,and THEY WERE TOO GOD DAMNED AFRAID TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT HOW THEY FELT, AND SAY WHAT THEY REALLY WANTED TO SAY, BUT COULD/WOULD NOT PUBLICLY.


If these people want something to make them "speechless" and "in-shock" then that is the kind of truth that will do it.


NB: If those drones are doing that kind of shit to American citizens, as they are apparently doing to his wife--making her deathly ill--then this is an absolute war-crime against the American people, and this story of what happened with his wife needs to be main-stream news.

Beverly Bingingham said...

Anything and everything that hits "main-stream news" Lindsey is distorted and shaped to fit just how the parasitic inbred racist self-chosenites want their host goyim to think about it. They shape it any way they want.

If they bring Mr Campbell out to the masses they will make him look like the most evil domestic tear-roar-wrist that has ever been spawned from this infested corporation. They have creative editing methods and so much more.

Anonymous said...

Well, Campbell is the best Militia representative you can possibly have:

He draws the line the sand and sticks to it, come hell or highwater.

He acknowledges the economic truths of National Socialist Germany WITHOUT being associated with any of the slimy racist / white-supremacist rabble running around today, who are all wanna-be little poseur dictators not fit to shine the shoes of a single soldier in the Waffen SS.

Like the great Libertarian writer Lysander Spooner, he acknowledges the U.S. Constitution as being a document that helped prevent the Articles of Confederation from protecting the true freedoms of American citizens by establishing a central bank that from then-on had to be fought over tooth-&-nail,and which finally got taken over completely by International Jews in 1913.

No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority

by Lysander Spooner can be read here:



Audio File:



Anonymous said...

Anon February.6 5:09,

Really glad you mentioned Bruce gets his point across and speaks the truth of Hitler and NS Germany without going anywhere near white nationalism or the race issue.

He obviously realizes the current crop jumping the band wagon are a joke. It's accomplishing nothing and never will except divide in a bad way and distract from the jewish problem.

I'm white and sick of these clowns.
They think they have it figured out yet don't have a clue.

Bruce's leadership example make them all look like lost boy Scouts.

Anonymous said...

Great interview!

A question for Mr. Campbell:

I must respond to the prepared speech you read on Deanna Spingola radio show. While I generally agree with your theme that we must be ready to act with violence against government encroachment on our lives regarding our guns and all the rest they intend to do to us, I was astonished when you included China among those foreign agents who want to disarm us. Why would China feel any need to do that? Even if you believe China is our enemy, and I strongly disagree - they are in fact one of the last bastions in the world against supremacist Jewry's total world domination plans along with Syria, Iran, Russia, North Korea and Hugo Chavez; they would not have any reason to attack America whether each citizen is armed or not.


StickAforkINit said...

LOL. China is the shining example for all to follow. China is a Chosenite victory.

Nothing left internationally but some mop-up ops, Iran/Syria/Chavez.

The game is all but over. The inbred racist Chosenite Tribe have had big plans for a long time and all they are doing is preparing to complete them. We have no plan. We cannot even take back "our" media because the Chosenites will not allow it.

Do not be surprised at UN/China troops saturating the US Corp in the near future; they are already coming in, hiding behind Trade
Free Zones. Those TFZ's are like small China's within' this Chosenite controlled dump.