Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jews rule this world by proxy

"Some" true words of malaysian prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed.

Sounds to me like Dr Mahathir Mohamed is talking shit about the new money Swej and endorsing the the UN loving old money Swej


Anonymous said...

Firstly, Dr. Mahathir SAVED Malaysia from financial-destruction, as had happened to nearly all of SE Asia, in and around 1997, when that demon walking-on-two-leg, Soros, decided to implode their economies, and he did it without any risk of regime-change by the cabal against Malaysia.

Secondly, Dr. Mahathir, in-case any of you people are not aware, knows everything that we know, and much more, about these demons walking-on-two-legs, their ultimate agenda, and ways to thwart their efforts politically, than most of us do, and is friends with Mr. Michael Piper, as well as Dr. Matthias Chang, being friends with Mr. Michael Piper.

If that is not enough, former-Rep. McKinney also has had very in-depth conversations with both Dr. Mahatir and Dr. Chang, and has the up-most respect for this hero who saved Malaysia from the cabal.

I am saying what I am saying to set-the-record-straight on this hero's reputation, and so that there is NO misunderstanding of what he knows and believes.

Thank you.


NB: Yes, I am offended when I see anyone saying/implying anything negative about Dr. Mahathir, in-case it is not obvious.

NBB: Again, for those of you--the vast majority, no doubt--who are not aware, Dr. Mahathir opened-up the International 911 Hearings and Investigation Tribunal a few years ago, of which soon-to-be Dr. McKinney was a very large part:

Noor al Haqiqa said...

It is a great mystery to me why this speech by such a great man was ignored in the West!

Thank you, Linds, for clarifying for us all just who this man is, let alone his qualifications for speaking so clearly.